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Valentine's Day gifts bought on your foodstamp card

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So when I am bored and my phone isn't close by, but DH's is, I will get on his FB through his phone. (he knows I do this, he doesnt care). I'm just being nosey. His family can be a hot mess, so its really just entertainment for me.

OSD's FB is quite entertaining.

She posted something on FB about how Valentine's Day is a rich person's holiday. (I know- those Dollar Store cards can get expensive!) and how every day is Valentine's Day with her and her husband and they dont need cards and candies and flowers to show each other how much they appreciate the other. BLAH BLAH BLAH....

Then a little down on her page she shared a picture and it was of Valentine's Day candy and a jar, basically like a V-Day gift and it had a sticker that said "Foodstamp eligible".

She OSD proceeds to say that even poor people should be able to buy a gift for someone on Valentine's Day. And she isnt ashamed to admit she is on public assitance. That we shouldnt judge people who are having hard times.

OSD cracks me up. She had 2 babies about 14 months apart. She got fired from her job. She posted all over FB how she doesnt care that she got fired, that she didnt like that job anyways.

Then she got a job at a fast food place. Her words- Hey its a job and I will do what I need to do to support my family. (Agree) and then the next day, she posted that her babysitter flaked out on her and she would have to call off on her first day of work. :jawdrop:

I feel for those babies. I hope that she and her DH can get it figured out and get their life back on track.


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After she got fired, she posted about getting this job as an assitant for some owner of a construction company. Sounds good right? Then her and DH and her kiddos pack up and head to our state for almost 2 weeks. Her DH was off work for some kind of sugery. He has 2 kids here. So they come to visit the kids. My guess is that she was hired for that job and they wanted her to start right away, but since they already had to plans to come to our state, she just ended up not following through with the job. WTH. She is so smart Wink

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I'm the same way.

Like its not that serious. Her post about Valentine's Day was super long. The whole time I am thinking, whatever you are just bitter because you are poor this year and can't afford some candy. LOL.

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I'm giggling at the "hot mess family" comment. My DH's family is like that too and I find it SOOOO entertaining!

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He has a lot of cousins on his mom's side and they all have multiple baby daddys and the drama to go with it. So its funny to read some of the stuff they post on FB. }:)

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My EXH and I married in our early twenties. I was a young Airman and he worked at a gas station. We were broke. So we decided to celebrate every V Day on the 15th. Everything is on sale 50-75% off. We loved it.