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(OT) Valentine's Day present for kids?

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I'm just wondering if any of you get Valentine's Day presents for your kids? I love Holiday's and like to celebrate them. My SO, not so much, so I don't expect to get anything for Valentine's Day. Last year he got me flowers, which was a huge surprise.

I get my SD7 a little something for V-day each year. We have a good relationship (BM is deceased, so I'm the only living mother figure she has). This year I got her some candy, some modeling clay, drawing paper, and a card. Now I'm wondering if that's over the top. We are expecting a baby in July, and I plan on getting them both little gifts, nothing fancy, for V-Day. I remember getting a box of snoopy candy when I was a kid, and a card. What do you do? Is it absurd to get V-Day gifts?


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Aww, that's cute. I'm the same exact way. I like to give small gifts to celebrate little things. On SD7's first day of school, I give her something small. This year I gave her a little necklace with her favorite character on it. It was only $3 and it made her super happy.

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I usually get my grandkids pajamas and a little candy. It's just something I've done. I used to get SD something but probably won't this year. PJ's were on her DO NOT want list a Christmas so not getting her anything. I'm sure her father will.

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oh yeah, we always ask what she wants for Christmas, she is 17, she emailed me a list of what she wanted with what she didn't want, I didn't buy her anything. I was beyond pissed. She had listed under there some things and then "random stuff/junk" so I had been looking online at some things that I thought she would like but once I got that list I just cancelled all that and let her daddy buy her what he wanted. I'm done.

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I'll start by saying that SS4 is with us majority of the time so I do a bit more than others who probably don't see their skids as much.

I buy them an outfit, chocolates and one little gift with a card. I bought a giant felt envelope from the Target dollar aisle in the beginning of January; his chocolate will be some small chocolate heart or sweettarts from walmart or target. I make treat bags and valentines for his class's V'Day party so he'll get enough junk from that. He will get an outfit only because my mother always bought us V'Day outfits and I plan on buying one for BioBaby. He will be home for V'Day so he will get a shirt and some bottoms and shoes as well. It'll just be some graphic T-shirt with dinosaurs or mickey mouse on it and then bottoms. His shoes will just be some cheap play shoes he can wear to school.