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Valentine's Day

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My DH did nothing but tell me Happy Valentine's Day, but.....sends his 21yo BD a gift and asked her to "Be My Valentine" in a text. This totally creeped me out. I thought this day was a day for lovers?!?

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"his 21yo BD" I think that means his birth daughter; not her birth daughter. But on the other hand, is it her and his birth daughter? Oh. I see. It can be confusing. But yeah, GROSS! That's my word for today. Just seems to fit.

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Although valentine celebrations among lovers dates back to the 5th century its mostly in the western consumer world that Valentines Day is a calendared holiday. Greeting card companies pushed for the official proclamation because they wanted lovers to have their special day.

Yeah right. Because they sell tons and tons of cards. Of course the candy folks like it just fine but its basically a cooked holiday to sell more stuff.

Skip his birthday or Christmas present and when he mentions it tell him that since nothing was done on Valentines day you figured he wasn't into celebrations.

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I would tell him that it hurt that he didn't do anything. If you don't say anything he is likely to repeat this behavior.

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My DH doesn't do anything for me for Valentines Day -- he did while we were dating, but doesn't do anything for his kids either (or my daughter). I finally told him that we should just not do gifts on VD because I got tired of being disappointed. Sigh.

I, however, do things for the kids -- and my daughter. I'll get them a box of chocolates, and I do tell my daughter she's the best valentine I've ever had. So I guess I do it too.

I think Valentines Day can be a day for telling those that you love, that you love them -- not just spouses, but that's just my humble opinion. I also tell my parents happy valentines day and visa versa.

I know for you, OP, it must hurt though because he acknowledges his daughter, but not you -- that's why you're hurt. I would be too. Sad

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That is creepy that a Dad tells his daughter to be my valentine. If he gave her something, how about just happy valentine's day. I would tell him what he did was creepy.