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What would you have done…?
SS is going in the military in about 4 weeks. He is going to stay with his mom for 2-3 weeks then come back home for a week before he leaves. He is going to store EVERYTHING at his moms. So we help him pack up and clean out his room. He found a large picture frame with pictures of him and his mom from years ago. We moved everything, and I noticed that he never would take that out to the u-haul. He took EVERYTHING ELSE though.

Soooo once there were just a few things in there, I told him to take that picture frame and put in u-haul. He said…nawww, I ‘m just going to leave that here? Really, you took everything else but want to leave a frame full of pictures of your mother?! I told him that he really needed to take that, it had pictures of his mom and I am sure she would want it. He just said something about me really wanting ALL of his stuff out. HE is the one that wanted to store EVERYTHING at his moms!! So once we were almost done, I picked it up, walked right by him and put it in the u-haul. He looked shocked, like how could I have done that? Lol. I was just waiting for him to say something about it. He knew better I guess.

Would you have let it stay or? Oh and PS….SS has lived here a year and a half. He has gone to see his mom twice for a day or two. HE IS GOING TO BE GONE 2 WHOLE WEEKS!!!! Yay for me!!!!!!


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The picture needed to go - sounds like he wanted to leave the pictures for your dh - they needed to go with everything else - he was just being a butthead - when do these skids grow up - I guess from reading this site never!

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Bold, but I wouldn't want it there either if he took everything else. Maybe he was feeling your home was the safest it could be?

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Right-LOL, why would she store it for him? That is just asinine. He took everything BUT that picture, of course he left it on purpose. The only way I would store pics of BM for an adult SK is if I had an overwhelming pest control problem-the sight of that bitches face can scare roaches away.

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The picture needed to go. My SD has pics of her BM and my DH that she reguarly displays. BM passed away. If she was still alive I would prolly through them away. Dont feel bad. You did the right thing! and enjoy your 2 week break!

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Maybe he was feeling your home was the safest it could be?
I don’t think so. He took EVERYTHING else. I mean EVERYTHING that was not bolted down. Except for trash. He left that for me. Lol. He was the one that wanted to not leave ANYTHING at our house and wanted it at his moms. Which I am quite ok with. Just weirded out why he would want to leave THAT there. I am sure his mom is grateful it ended up at her house and not in my attic.

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When we were moving house and SD was returning to stay with relatives, I had to nag, nag ,nag her to sort out all her crap!!!! Finally she managed to stuff the nasty clothes that had been living on her floor and just emptied whole drawers of bits into boxes, etc !! She left soo much stuff unsorted that I finally had to just scoop it all into storage boxes, just wanted her and the stuff OUT!!!! I asked her to pick up these boxes, she never did, and I was not moving them from the other house into storage, so I eventually spent a VERY pleasant hour just looking through it all, she was and is sooo dumb there was even notes etc scribbled in books and jotters about ME !!! All of it was bagged up and thrown in the TRASH !!!! Felt fantastic, so refreshing !!!
SD also left a few bits from when she last visited us here, like 2 years ago, well, ALL that has gone too. It was me again, I was not falling into that again for our last move !!! Not giving the SD even her own room, we have a big house with plenty of bedrooms but I don't want her getting TOO comfy,nooo way is she slipping back here to live !!!!!

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If the child is leaving permanently, the pictures of BM leave too.

I wouldn't freak out about pictures of BM in my house - if they're appropriate and displayed appropriately. In other words, pics are of BM alone, or BM and skid, or BM and her family, NOT of BM and Dad. And pics are kept in the child's room, not my living room.

Our BM threw out SD15's family photo of the three of us. I actually didn't know there was a picture of me in BM's house, or I would have said something to SD15. We'll re-do the family photos this year (it's time, anyway) and SD15 will get pictures of her and DH, but the pics of the three of us will stay at my house. I don't want to provoke BM by having a picture of me in her house, even if it were just in SD15's room. Besides, she might try voodoo - she *is* in bayou country.