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WWYD? Please Help Me Out Here

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Alright, now, of course, I do not have any children of my own. My boyfriend has a 4-year-old daughter. The majority of the time we get her every Sunday which works out because he works every day except for the weekends. Right now we are staying together but are living with his grandmother until we are able to move out and afford an apartment. Because we are living with his grandmother, of course, everything around here is not milk and cookies. Fortunately, we are both starting new jobs soon and I've been searching for apartments for us. I found something that I know we would be able to afford but it's a one bedroom. I texted him the information and he say we shouldn't get that because his daughter won't has a room. I don't know. Maybe it's just me but I don't understand why she needs to have her own room, to be honest. She's 4 years old. Furthermore, I don't understand why she needs her own room if she doesn't live with us. I understand that she may be staying the night sometimes or whatever, but I don't think she needs her own room just to stay the night like one day out of the whole week. I've been trying to find an apartment that I was able to keep my dog in as well, his daughter loves this dog and would probably be sad if I got rid of her. Am I right to only get the one bedroom apartment or should I go ahead and just keep looking even though it would be more expensive for two bedrooms? I don't know I need some help here.

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I forgot to mention that the child does not live with us. We only get her one day out of the week right now.

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Hon..... be a clever girl,

take the one bedroom apartment and move with your dog, BF and his child can stay with Gran untill BF can afford a 2 bedroom place, then BF and his little girl can move from Gran to his flat, you keep your flat and you can visit each other...

If BF sleeps over at your flat and bring his kid along, she can sleep on the coach nothing wrong with it, but they can not move in with you

You are way to young to be playing mummy to some one elses kid, rather leave this mess behind and find a guy without children, start a new life

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Sally nailed it ^^^^
If you boyfriend wants a two bedroom for his 4 yo child what is he doing to make it happen? Because what I want and what I get are often two different things.
Keep in mind he will be like this forever, his child will always be first and center so if a one or a two bedroom place to stay is the issue now just wait.
Get the one bedroom by yourself and leave him behind.

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His daughter does not live with us full time. I don't remember if I put that. We only get her on Sundays, that's why I've been contemplating whether or not we need two bedrooms

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You've stated that several times OP, that she doesn't live with you.

She still needs her own room.