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YSD calls the cops

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Last night BM picked up YSD for about an hour. Not sure what happened because BM is dishonest. 

While YSD was gone SO cleaned her room. He was so disgusted by the food, bloody underwear and hoarded towels he took away her most prizes possession all her make up.

This morning SO wakes up and checks on YSD to find out she tore up all her pictures of him. SO is crushed by this, understandably so.

SO brings YSD her laundry asks her to fold it. I am not sure what she said to him. But next thing I know SO takes all the laundry outside and puts it in the garbage and tells YSD if she wants it she can go get it.

YSD calls 911. 

I am laughing about this because I have dealt with kids doing this through former jobs and am familiar with what will happen.

YSD all proud of herself waits outside for the police. 2 Officers and a Sgt. show up. They listen to YSDs nonsense. Then look at pics and text messages SO shows them.

As this is happening OSD the instigator is texting SO threatening him and letting SO know she told YSD to call to cops.

All 3 Officers take turns ripping YSD a new one. Tell SO she has significant behavioral problems and give him a report naming him as the victim.. They tell him that he can use it in court in the event BM tries to accuse him of anything.

While all this is going on, I am very amused because we find out mom's exBF who we know is going for custody of BMs youngest has filed an OOP against YSD and OSD. That's fantastic!!! I want to high five the man.

BM is finally getting her due justice for her alienation and training her children to be wild animals who have no respect for adults.

It also gave me an opportunity to talk to SO that OSD is not allowed in my house anymore. She can go to the grandparents. The Officers were on my side and SO seemed to understand that not only is she feeding YSD to do these things, she is also a risk to DS as I don't trust her not to make allegations against him.


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We are stuck with YSD because BM is homeless after her BF finally kicked her to the curb. BM is couch surfing with OSD. 

BM will not take YSD back. She has already made that clear.

But OSD keeps feeding YSD what to do to act out here telling her it will get her kicked out and she can live with BM. Basically her normal stirring the pot because she loves to start drama and with BF out of the picture she needs to start trouble somewhere.

YSD was sent to her grandparents for the weekend. Grandma is giving her the riot act. She also made sure YSD has no phone while she is there.

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I'd be cutting off YSD from any contact with her sister.  You don't need that extra push from her right now.  Is he going to strip her room now, take the door down?   What's his plan and did the cops give him any ideas?   Sorry you have to deal with this.  My DH was attacked by skids, cops involved yada yada yada.  Not fun.  Estrangement came after that and our life got a little more peaceful, not being attacked all the time by BM's PAS campaign.  

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SO definitely plans on cutting her off from OSD. As far as further consequences. He locked her phone and told her that the door is coming off her room. 

The cops were great!! They told SO he could smack her, right in front of her LOL!!!

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Yea... all this would be too much drama. I just can't deal with constant chaos in my home. 

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Whoa... I thought they would be a bit older. 

Are you concerned all this will negatively affect your child(ren)?

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Bless you for putting up with all this! What did YSD try to accuse SO of? Theft of her precious makeup?  Abuse?

I'm glad the police read her the riot act! That just made my day! Where we live, if a woman of any age even suggests a man is abusing her he'll be given a domestic violence restraining order and is usually hauled off to jail for the night.

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Nope YSD got the domestic violence charge, now this is second one because apparently mom's BF filed one in family court.

I used to work with at risk youth and one of the cops knew me so they weren't even going to play her games.

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Up until the 911 call, what struck me was that it was at the awful end of the spectrum of normal hormonal teenage behaviour.  Calling 911 pushed it over the edge.

I'd be worried that the next time she calls she'll be inventing a story that will be more difficult to refute.

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I'm not concerned about that, now that she has two seperate reports on her from two completely different homes.

Plus she is extremely immature for her age and acts like a 7 year old. She does not have the sophistication to make up a good story. She tells lies all the time and gives herself away. As soon as you press her for more information she will automatically start yelling at the person questioning her.