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Sick SS and I feel powerless

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So my SS got an ear infection that probably related to having a sinus infection. Dad got him to the doctor but not without a fight from both of us. Lol SS put up a good fight at first going in to see the doctor but was a brave boy. He was treated and sent home with ABX  and ear drops. 

The night before dad asked me to take him to the doctor because he was running a job the next day at work. He works 7-330 and I work 230- 11p, so there is plenty of time to take him. It sucks and I felt supper bad when I had to remind him that iIcould not leagelly take SS to the dr. We are not married yet and I am not his parent/ leagl guardian. Calling BM and having her take him was not an option due to her not having a car, money and not to mention that she is court ordered supervised visits. Since it was before dad's pay day, i was covering the bill and medicine with my FSA card ....yeah, NOT having any contact with bm is what's best now. 

How can I take him to the doctor for futher appointments because I know it will happen again! A co-worker mentioned something about going to the court house to obtain a common law marriage certificate. Is there any other way? Also I know nothing of his past medical history where can iIget that. Dad takes him to the ER for everything and to his clinic which is an internal medicine physician, so no pediatrician!  As soon as i can i will get peds established. 

Thank yall for the guidance!



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I've taken my SO's kids to the dentist without a problem, and we're not married.  When I was young I was taken to doctor appointments by babysitters while my parents were at work.  Call the doctor's office and find out what they need in order for you to take him.  It may be as simple as a signed document from dad saying you have permission to do so. 

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Why is this even an issue?  Dad should do what parents do when they have a sick kid.  

 Inform his employer that his child is sick.  Then take the day off, leave work early or go in late so that he can take his child to the doctor.



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Stepparents are no more a legal guardian than a girlfriend is, at least not here. They have no right to sign consents or approve treatment. This was on DH to either take the day off or get the doctor’s permission to send him with you. If the doctor knows SS and DH well, she might agree to that. 

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I don't see any issue with a non parent taking a kid for medical care. The issue that might come up is that you have no legal right to authorize medical TREATMENT. You cannot authorize immunizations, other shots, surgery and procedures, etc. But you can surely get the child diagnosed. And if meds are needed, you can pick up an Rx.

Most doctor offices care about do you have the insurance card? Will you pay the copay? Clearly the child knows and trusts you, so there won't be any issue with the dr. examining the child and calling in prescriptions.

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I've had issues before. BUT, your SO should be able to go to the doctor's office and fill out paperwork to allow you to take them. Even as the legally married spouse we've ran into issues. So that's the easiest way.