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Talk show host encouraging a woman to trick her husband into getting her pregnant on national TV

TickedOff's picture Just watch the first minute of the clip. A majority of the studio audience applauded I was like :jawdrop: and :jawdrop: . WTH! Your opinions please.


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My SS's BM1 did that 'so she could make DH grow up', never mind that they had an agreement to get them both through college before children, she got what she wanted & left when SS was around 1. SD's BM2 just got my DH drunk to get her kid, then left DH. The only child that my DH has actually been able to help raise & have an influence on, is our son & I'm grateful we got our son so my DH can actually BE a dad!

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Very sad. I was curious to see the actual number of those opposing so I froze the frame several times to get some counts.

Number of people in the audience that I could see: 74
Number of people clapping in agreement to trick husband: 33
Number opposed or just didn't clap: 41

The number of men that I could see in the audience: 4
Three of those men didn't clap. The only male to clap was the man towards the front on the left wearing the bowtie.

Take note of the woman in the orange sweater two rows behind bowtie guy!!! I love her.