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SS18 On His Own - Too Funny

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SS18 was been living in the fantasy suite for 4 days.

Last night DH gets a call from BM.

BM was upset because SS18 called her ranting and raving because he couldn't make mac and cheese. Why? Because BM didn't provide him with a wooden spoon. He wanted her to find one and drop it off pronto.

This is what happens when you raise an entitled child. DH just laughed about it but I was like :jawdrop:

Happy Labor Day Weekend!



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I work within walking distance of his apartment. I offered to do a walking tour of the neighborhood since I do a lot of errands over lunch break and have found a nice grocery store, restaurants etc. SS18 looked at me like I was nuts, so whatever. Oh and there's a really nice mall with a TJMaxx like 6 blocks from his apartment. I'm pretty sure it would have a wooden spoon for sale but - again, whatever.


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SS18 is living in a condo that his BFF's parents bought for BFF because BFF's mom thought the dorms wouldn't be a good place to study.

So SS18 is living in a luxury condo with concierge service, pool, sauna and exercise room. R.E.N.T. F.R.E.E. All because BFF's mom adores SS18 and is happy that BFF will have a roommate.

DH and I have nicknamed it the "fantasy suite".


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Yeah, seriously! DH has already said that the nanosecond that skids turn 18, he is blocking BMs from his phone.

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I was just thinking about this today. What happens after skid turns 18? Does dh have to keep in touch with bm? I can't imagine why he would need to. He is not required to pay for college and we couldn't afford it anyways. I can't wait to block bm out of our lives! 9 more years woohoo!

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My kids are 20, 20, and almost 25.

I haven't "spoken" to their father in many, many years because we only communicated via email.

I didn't even speak to him when my daughter got married last fall. I just kind of gave them the nod from across the room.

It can be done-and it's a beautiful thing.

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The only thing my DH has said to BM since SD turned 18 was, "I have nothing to say to you." He hasn't spoken to her since, SD is now 24. So very peaceful.

But even better is the fact that BM has no legal recourse anymore, no more financial ties, certainly no emotional ties, nothing. That "bond" that BM thought they had? Not so much.

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Okay - I have the same high maintenance kid, but he doesn't cry, just sends me texts of things he needs...So tomorrow I am dropping off to him at college, tongs, small blanket (so he can take naps), some food and some other stuff. As they move along in the year, they start to accumulate this crap. Doesn't matter to me, I keep a bag in the laundry room of stuff and then when we are downtown, we swing by and drop it off. If I don't go, Grandma or my sister does.

I cut off the food plan since he wasn't liking it, so I figure outfitting his kitchen is my job. Besides, I like my kid and I want him to be happy and still get A's.

Give the kid a break, he is probably seriously adjusting. No matter how nice the apt is, he still has to feed himself.

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Oh yes-I have twins who are juniors in college and both living "on their own."

Twin1 - aka Rockstar - lives in a large house with five other guys. I will not set foot in that house, having learned my lesson from the house he lived in last year with the same five guys.

Twin2 -aka The Thinker - stayed in the dorms for two years and is now living by himself with his cat in an apartment. He stayed in the dorm because of the close proximity to food. Food on demand. LOL!

The text messages I get from him are hysterical. I'll post a blog about it tomorrow. You ladies will laugh your asses off.

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I am married to what that grows into.

My husband can't make mac and cheese without studying the box.