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Warm fuzzy thought for the day

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Disclaimer: This was my idea, and I was not brainwashed into it.

So we pick up Sd today for my cousin's bday party. They are the same age and in a few activities together. We keep her untill Sunday, even though part of Sunday is interrupted so she can go to her step-cousins first birthday. (GRRR)

Since Bm went out of her way to drop off a little Valentine for both me and Dh this year, from Munchkin, Dh and I are going to pick up one of those three cream egg packs so Munchkin can give one egg to her mom, and each of her aunts (aged 13, and 8 ). I'm going to tell munchkin that the Easter Bunny wanted her to drop them off for him. lol. She's even got cute fuzzy bunny ears she can wear home to Bm.


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I think that is nice. I used to do those kinds of things. I was so pissed at BM at Xmas, I kept her gift for myself.

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Look at YOU, bein all nice n stuff... DIS LIKES!


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