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Kinda OT but super exciting!

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So I went to the hospital yesterday because I have been getting weird pains on my cervix (sorry guys). I'm only 35 weeks along but baby has dropped and is pushing against my cervix. So I guess it wont be as long as we thought it would be! It could be anytime. The doctor suggested a big expensive belly sling, but if I make it untill the 27th then I'm just going to go buy a cheap one from walmart. The pain sucks, but BABY'S COMING SOON!!! Biggrin

I just really hope baby can stay put for another 3 weeks or so, so we can have some time between baby's bday and SDs. I would hate to have to deal with any jealousy from sd and more drama from BM.


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Its kinda a self prescribed bed rest. I go back to see the doctor on Wednesday. I don't think it has to be bed rest but since I can't get the sling they want me too then I'm just taking it easy.

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Good luck in the delivery room. Hope everything goes smooth and quickly and you go home with a beautiful and healthy baby Wink