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SD Is still rebelling but we aren't interested

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It has been an interesting weekend here in hot GA to say the least. We got over 6 inches of rain Saturday. Yikes! You could float. I previously wrote that I had gotten a note from my SD biomom last week. I knew she was away from work from 5/31-7/15. But I looked today at my SD old xanga blog, cause I knew biomom, wouldn't be gone long, before SD started writing again. SD is making smart comments about my DH being MIA. He isn't MIA, just doesn't want to deal with her, biomom, and anything from the situation at all. So, SD is writing smart stuff on the blog that she will invite her paternal grandmother especially b/c she knows that we are estranged and have been since our wedding. If you've heard of horror wedding stories, his mother, sister, and cousin acted terribly. The cousins weren't even invited and crashed our wedding. His Mom was so nasty and catty that she made snide comments "what she thought was under her breath" but was actually picked up on our wedding videotape". We had to have large portions of the sound erased. You know, something is supposed to be such a good day for you, and then you have such nasty people taking the sweetness from you!
But, I guess that in looking back, I am the one who is still with my husband, and it is they who are alone. Not because of their spite, but because of their actions. It's even blown up in my SD's face. Because he will not even talk to her because she lies and conveniently changes her tune when it suits her. It's like deja vu all over again. Something seems quite eerie about this though....but I can't put my finger on it.
I haven't been feeling good today and waiting around on my husband has really been taxing my patience. Because, especially when I'm not feeling well, I just want to get things done, and not screw around.
I am trying not to be concerned about what's going on, as it doesn't change much, but if SD by a slight chance were to graduate early, that would be terrific for us, because support would stop in Feb.
You just never know what's going to come up.