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Yes there is really a hashtag for this on IG.

My niece19 follows YSD on IG. (From before when we all got along).

Twice my niece has showed me that YSD will post a pic on her from my wedding on IG and put #mydadswedding.

My niece will comment #DHandZerowedding and YSD will delete that comment.

(I did tell my niece to stop commenting on it and to just ignore it moving forward. While I appreciate her sticking up for me, I'd rather us not feed into the b.s.)

My niece had text me the screenshot of IG and I erased. Later curiousty got the best of me and I wanted to see it again. So I figured I'd do a search fo #mydadswedding and I would be able to find it. Because I believe once you put a # on your picture, it becomes public, even if your profile is private.

I figured it would be easy to find. Afterall who would use that stupid # anyways?

Nope... because clearly there are lots of skids out there using #mydadswedding and #dadswedding. Ya know because Daaaadddyyy gets married all by himself. It is only his wedding. No wife. Nope.

Knowing YSD, I know she is using that # to purposely exclude me. I just find it a little amusing, how many others are using that same #. I wonder if they like their new SM?



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The skids didnt even really talk to me nor acknowledge me at the wedding. Not that I cared. Yet I see them taking all these videos and pictures of everything. None of which I have seen posted, that include me. Why did they take them? To show BM of course. Good show BM what I looked like on my wedding day- I looked FAB!

Thankfully the skids didnt stay too long. Just long enough to eat and eat cake.

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My SD calls it "Daddy's house" too. Umm....actually Daddy is allergic to saving money (partly because BM is so greedy) so guess who had the money for the down payment on our house??? The evil stepmother did. Guess who pays half of the mortgage every month??? The evil stepmother as well.

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My house gets referred to as daddy's house too. Oh really? It is actually my house. From way before daddy.

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Once, when I told SD she would not be allowed to disrespect DH in my home (she was standing in the hall yelling at him while my BD and her friend were down the hall in her room.) She responded with "It's not your house it's DADS house too." she looked at DH expecting her to be proud or something. He just responded "It's her house" LMAO.

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Yes! This is supposedly "Dad's House" too. Ha! Best consolation is that when she asked Dad where there was room for her, he didn't answer her. He told me that there's no room for her, and not her house. She's not even allowed to sleep on our couch for two days.

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Ugh, BM wanted to hold SD20's bridal shower at my house and invite 200 people. I told DH not a snowball's chance in hell was I allowing 200 people to use my bathroom. Lol Once I put it like that he told her she needed to find a hall.

Edited to add: Oh, and they ended up throwing the party at a state park. They DID invite 200 people, told them they needed to bring their own food, there were no bathrooms available, and they only wanted cash - no presents. 15 people showed up. }:)

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200 people to a freakin bridal shower?

A bridal shower isnt the same guest list as your wedding. And even then at SDs age, knowing 200 people you would want to invite to your wedding is extreme. Unless you are rich, which obviously they are not.

A bridal shower is suppose to be your closest friends and relatives.

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I've never had any fun at bridal showers but that is seriously the lamest one I've ever heard about.

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Better then what the skids wore- short black hooker dress and hooker heels for YSD. MSD did wear a long dress but it was cut out in the middle.

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DH said "at least they showed up" :?

Really DH, they could have stayed away. Them being there served ZERO purpose to what was going on (a wedding). They didnt congulate us. They were only there to see DH's side of the family. They sure didnt dress like they were at a wedding.

Oh DH's comment pissed me off for days.

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Last year for Thanksgiving- MSD had on the short hooker skirt and very low cut top. How are you NOT cold? It's freakin end of November for fucks sake! And you are wearing this outfit while carrying around your new baby.

I did hear DH ONCE tell YSD and MSD they looked stupid when they were dressed like sluts. This was at OSD's graduation. NOW he would never say it to them because that would just mean I have been right all along about how they dress like hookers.

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I have to admit that DH's kids are at least in shape and can pull off the hooker clothes.

But still.... no one wants to see your ass at your "dad's house".

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I just dont get it. Why even put #mydadswedding. If you could care less about the actual wedding, why even mention it. (other then to try and get under my skin). Its not like the pictures she posted look like she was at a wedding and she has to explain where she is at or something. LOL stupid skid.

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lol. Skids didn't even know we got married until after the fact. They didn't even know we were planning on getting married. There was a very good reason for that.

I will never forget his daughter's crying and wailing over it: DAAAddYYYY, you should have told MEEEE first!

She also acted incredulous one time when he told a story that involved an ex-girlfriend of his: Wait, whoa, what? Why didn't Iiiiiii ever know about this before?!?!?