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Portrait of a Permissive Parent

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aka freeranger

aka house with no rules

The usage of "mom's" first name was changed to "Girhippo" (names were changed to protect the not-so-innocent)

From SD19's instagram acct:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM / BESTFRIEND / SUPER WOMAN!! To the person who I look up to and inspire to be one day (insert heart emoji)  it's an understatement to say (Girhippo) is amazing. I really do wish everyone could have a Mom like mine because she gets it. She gets the struggle of being a young teen in this generation today, and "tells me to "kill'em with kindness" and use those special instincts God gave us".

She gets when im doing homework and randomly get frustrated bec I don't understand and tells me to "slow down, breath" and reminds me that I got this an helps me thru it. She gets it when i skip out on family dinners to go hang with friends for the fifth night in a row, and she tells me everytime "drive safe and have fun".

She gets it when I roll in at 5am from a long night at the club and asks me the next morning, "how wuz your night". She gets it when I dig thru her closet and make a mess when im about to go out and tells me "that shirt better come back". It's the little daily things that I'm thankful for my mama and makes her so special to me. (The Girhippo) created that beautiful family*** in those pictures and she gave me that happy smile ****. Your absolutely wonderful Mom and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be who I am today****** so thank you and I love you. Happy birthday   (insert endless inane hashtags and emojis)

***quite homely

**** orthodonture 100% paid for by Chef (and me)

*****skid who will never launch, admires sloths and is failing remedial middle school community "college"



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LOL. "Thank you my subpar mother for turning me into the ill-equipped, shallow person I am today."

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Her BM and GBM!!

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So essentially this girl is thanking her mom for being a walking doormat...

Let’s see:

1. “Aspire to be like my mom” = aspire to be a doormat. I’m not sure how she’ll pull off being the doormat and the shite covered dirty boot at the same time, but I’m sure:

2. Her God given special instincts will make her achieve her dream of being her mom with zero effort... because...

3. She shouldn’t have to exert herself with homework, so good thing mom is there to help her at 19 years old 

4. And to pander to the selfishness of ditching family (thanks for the HW help / eff you), so SD 19 can go out and drink every night (hangovers make HW easier, right?), so might as well...

5. Stay out all night! Woohoo! I’m so glad this girl is ecstatic that her BM doesn’t give a flying leap about late night crime, possible rape, reputations, oh but I’m sure sleep deprivation doesn’t affect the ability to complete HW without hyperventilating...

6. I’m sure BM can retrieve her favorite “borrowed” shirt from the county morgue some day. Happy Birthday! Biggrin


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Apparently this 'young teen' (aka full-fledged adult) actually 'inspires' to be like her mom. Whatever that means. 

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 posting about reverting back to childhood, no responsibilities, no work, no school...just watching Netflix and eating snacks.

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that Chef lost the PAS battle on this one?

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Oof. All the eye rolls. I’d feel like I was failing my daughter if she wrote that to/about me on social media. I feel secondhand embarrassment for SD and BM, at the moment. What a hot mess. 

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I can't agree more! I never publically post about my love and appreciation for family members on social media, even for birthdays. I don't have IG, Twitter, etc. Just plain 'ol FB to keep up with family.

In fact, a local radio station's topic today was that married couples that constantly post about how "happy" they are, are in fact far from happy and maybe even on the brink of divorce.