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Still With The Industrial Strength Turd Polishing!

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So I showed Chef the recent photo of The Animal Torturer (PASed out SD stb 25) with her new BF living it up with Pumpkinhead (PASed out stb 27) with his victim, errrrr, I mean wife living large.   

Side note:  Even though I worked two jobs I don't remember having gone on a real vacation until I was in my mid thirties.

Anyway, Chef came up with "well at least my kids have nice teeth."   Ummm they OUGHT to since the Girhippo slapped then in middle class status braces the second they turned eight. 

And we (read: I) paid double what they were worth since the Girhippo never alerted Chef to the fact that the braces were paid off even though the cost was rolled into CS (waaaaaaaaaaaaay above and beyond base CS).  She just kept on collecting until I caught this "oversight" AHEM, by actually getting the receipts from the orthodontist after a severe struggle.  Chef truuuuuussssssssssssted the Gir ( insert massive eye roll).  But I digress.

Chef has naturally perfect teeth without braces so he is always bragging on that and has bragged about how he paid for the Girhippo's braces when they were dating.  (insert nuclear eye roll).  He also knows this is a sore spot for me because I do not have perfect teeth whatsoever... I inherited my mother's not so perfect teeth,  however my father has naturally perfect teeth.  I inherited his poor eyesight.

I'm sure that on the surface the teeth look nice but they are rotting away behind the scenes as they never did care to brush or floss.




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At least the Gir took the kids for scheduled visits.  After SD61's braces were put on, BM frequently could not make it to the Ortho.  Result, had to have them redone by another doctor, can't remember the details but  I'm sure we paid (who else).   SD61 did not deem dentistry something she chose to pay for as an adult.  Result: dentures.

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If the Gir kept all the scheduled visits.   For sure she did not make them brush or floss.  Her point was to sock us with as much CS as possible and at the time Chef had no problem overpaying his CS.  In fact he was PROUD of it because it meant he wasn't like "all those OTHER deadbeat dads."

He had NO problem paying all his wages to the Gir while living off of me.

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Heh. Just last week, SS12 asked DH when he "gets to get" braces. This kid is constantly wanting/needing something new, even if it's something most people would find unpleasant. BM bought him expensive glasses frames because he wanted some.

Anyway, DH told him so far, he doesn't need them, so he won't get them. Cue sulking.

Consider yourself lucky, kid.

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pales in comparison to healthy.

My dad and I have very straight teeth. My mom and brother, not so much.

My brother just finished several years of invisalign.  As he marched up the corporate executive ladder, it became important.  Nice teeth for COO or CEO interviews.... matter. Apparently.

I... will probably start invisalign myself fairly soon.  I have always had perfectly straight teeth, with a gap between y front teeth.  As I have gotten older, paricular over the past 10-ish years, it has gotten notably wider.  Closing it, is getting more important for me.  It has gone from a unique physical character point, to exessive.

As for braces for kids..... If not required by the CO for the NCP to pay for it, in whole or in part, then... it is covered by CS and is on the CP to cover.

If I were an NCP BioParent, or even SP, I would demand that the CP cover it for the good of the kid.  After all, an NCP should get return on their child support investment.  Particularly if the CP is a toxic money grubbing POS.

IMHO of course.


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Bought invisible as a young adult and has had fantastic results.  As a true single parent with no CS I could not afford it when he was a child and he had a thumb sucking habit which didn't do any favors for his teeth.  

No amount of Invisalign will ever fix my teeth. I have a number of veneers...naturally missing wisdom teeth and my father employed a dentist for cheap who was just learning to do Orthodontics back in the day and I was his test pilot to so-called fix my teeth.  He too also pulled several teeth that shouldn't have been pulled.  I have no laterals so bicuspids were made to look like laterals with veneers when I was an adult and could afford veneers.   I don't usually smile a whole lot but it is passable.

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Omg! I was an orthodontic Guinea pig too! I also had 4 teeth removed and was given no bottom retainer, he sanded the top of my bottom teeth instead. My wisdom teeth came in and screwed it all up.  I have alignment issues, sensitive teeth , just a mess.  I'm lucky my top teeth aren't horrible but the sensitivity makes whitening them painful.    I'm sorry you went thru all that.  

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We paid for half of the cost of braces and then SS never wore his retainer, so his teeth are crooked again. 

Other SS might have needed braces, but when DH agreed to more child support, BM agreed to cover all health expenses (she agreed to this because she was pretending to pay for her own health insurance for SSs to use the "expense" as part of her calcuation), so when she told DH that the second SS might need braces, he pointed out that, that was fine, but he didn't owe a penny. DH's health insurance gets charged in full for every medical and dental procedure SSs receive and there is never any adjustment for a second policy, so I don't think they are actually on BM's policy anymore.