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Christmas Miracle: 8332 Forms Arrived!!

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And thank God for Chef's attorney!!

There's no way that Chef could have done an order to show cause pro se without getting creamed by the Girhippo.

Seems Chef's attorney had a chat with the Girhippo's attorney in which he pointed out the many violations of the CO done by said Girhippo.

The next couple days after that little chat, the forms miraculously arrived after trying all year on his own to get them.

Of course, the Girhippo not-so cleverly back dated both forms so that it appeared as though she signed the forms out of the goodness of her own heart days before the attorneys got involved. (insert massive eyeroll)

The postmarked envelope shows that she mailed it the day after Chef's consultation with his attorney.

And in the envelope there was a little "love note" to Chef scolding him for sending the original forms to her work place instead of her house.

Seems she forgot all those times that she refused mail at her house from Chef and/or shared the mail inappropriately with her children like she has been for the past 11 years.

MER-ry Christmas!