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Twelve Business Days and Counting Since the Last Court Date. . .

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And no sign of the two 8332 forms from the Girhippo. Odds are she has already done her taxes (married filing jointly with StepDaddyBigBucks) claiming Dominatrix (SD16) and Prince Hygiene (SS12) as usual.

This is despite the CO saying that Chef is to claim "at least one child" which she has interpreted over the last ten years as Chef claims the oldest and she claims the other two. Instead of doing the 2/1/2/1 alternation like everyone else in the free world does.

Now that Pumpkinhead (OSS18) can no longer be claimed by Chef, the forms were sent to Chef's attorney to get them signed in conjunction with the most recent modification.

Chef's CS was reduced to $796 monthly recently as they actually took Pumpkinhead off as emancipated (CS goes to 21 here but he moved out of the Girhippo's last August into Chef's estranged brother's house who sided with the Gir during the divorce).

They also took off the daycare expenses rolled into CS that the Gir hadn't been using for well over five years now.

I'm not holding my breath. . .