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Anyone Else Whose BM's DH Does Micro-zings At the Skids?

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Upfront: All three of my skids are HORRIBLY behaved. Due to a complete lack of parenting. The Girhippo's current husband, StepDAddyBigBucks, aka the walking ATM, does these "micro-zings" at the skids on FB.

For example, Dominatrix SD stb 18, said something about "MY Netflix account" and SDBB immediately retorted "Actually it's (speaking in the third person) SDBB's Netflix account" (smiley face inserted so as not to raise the ire of the Gir)


SD: When I move out, blah blah blah
BM: Oh, but you'll miss my meals (that she doesn't cook--gets straight from a box)
SDBB: She'll learn to cook
It's painfully obvious that SD hasn't even learned to operate a microwave yet, never mind cook for herself.

SDBB would be all too afraid to confront the Girhippo on her complete abdication of parental duties for the past, oh, 12+ years now so he resorts to these "micro zings"

You can literally feel the resentment--it's palpable.

I think he is secretly hoping that they will all move out when they turn 18. He's probably devastated that OSS, 19 (aka Pumpkinhead) who is not in any kind of post high school academia, boomeranged back to the mothership in less than a year after going to seek his fortune as a "Rock Star" (TM).

I feel sorry for SDBB. I think he has had a complete frontal lobotomy performed to keep grinning and bearing it. The best he can come up with is these "micro zings"


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I don't think BM and her husband are clever enough to come up with a zinger. Instead they resort to just complaining about skids to anyone who will listen.

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The Gir would never complain openly about her ferals. She's the perfect MOTC (mother of the century) and her precious peccaries are speshul snowflakes.

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It's actually sad, I hear BM complain either via DH or maybe at something for the kids talking to other parents about OSD being entitled or lazy but most of that behavior is enabled by both bm and dh. Bm doesn't have any flaws though so I'm sure it's all dh in her eyes.

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We went through that before the skids PASed out for good. I'm sure the Girhippo monitors HIS internet activity with far more scrutiny than she does her own ferals.

He'd have to only post on this site at work!

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SDBB is also spineless and ball-less. He had to put a "smiley face" emoticon next to the "(SDBB's first name's) Netflix acct).

The Girhippo only puts out to slam out another biological extrusion; otherwise it's no, no, NO. I'm sure her childbearing days are over so I hope SDBB has a strong right forearm.

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One time DH ran into BM2's boy-toy husband. DH said hi and they small talked for a minute (this was around the time that SS was on our phone plan and we cancelled his phone after DH found him at a drinking/pot party at age 13) Boy toy, said "You know, I'm glad that you shut SS phone off, he needs the consequences and hey my dad did the same thing to me when I was causing trouble"
Then boy toy says "But DON'T tell BM2 that I said that.. Oh gawd, please don't ever tell her" DH was like whatever I barely speak to her, no worries.

LOL must be boy toy is scared of his mommy.. I mean wife. Wink Blum 3

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It's VERY apparent that SDBB knows his place when it comes to the Girhippo's ferals. He even posted a "you shouldn't break NYS DMV laws" and there was NO back up from the Girhippo.

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I WISH BM would remarry. lol.

Love the micro-zings, as you call them. Especially putting SD18 in her place about who owns the Netflix account. That's one of my biggest pet peeves with kids...talking about "MY" computer or "MY" car, etc. when these things are family belongings.

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Oh, it doesn't matter if they re-marry or not. They are still on a mission to punish the father(s) of their child(ren).

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No one dare micro-zing BM's precious darlings!

I'm kind of curious now as to what BM's DH thinks of the skids. There are constant issues with the skids- drama, legal troubles, etc. When it comes to being a step parent to these skids- BM's DH definitely got the raw end of the deal because he has to deal with them A LOT. He's pretty much a loser too though and I think is dependent on BM so I am sure he just shuts up and goes with the flow.

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yep, Stepdad only need:
1. keep his mouth shut
2. open his wallet
3. grin and bear it
4. go with the non-parenring, free ranging flow