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Flying a Kite - Check fraud

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Toxic Feral aka Winona, well we knew something was bound to happen, it HAS been a month or so.

So - to backtrack for the new folks:

I have 2 skids - one I used to call Winona because she was caught at the age of 17-almost-18 stealing makeup sponges from JC Pennys. It was the SECOND TIME she was caught on camera. Luckily she was NOT yet 18, and luckily she had money in her purse. This resulted in a fine of $250, however, which DH paid, because he needed her to take his turns doing mom care. NO real repercussions...

Cut to now, about 3 years later, DH gets a letter from Bank, telling him an account with his name on it is going to be blocked and closed due to check altering. DH has no clue, but doesnt seem upset, because he knows somehow HIS account issafe. Its the same bank he uses for personal checking and savings account.

HMMMM. Yesterday he texted Feral Winona, asking her about this bank account. It was the "child account" that he set up for her, so she could cash paychecks. She of course doesnt know what is going on, has set up her own account with her own social sec, etc etc.

Then last night Munchkin SD lets slip that she is yet again in the middle of an argument between Feral Winona and Toxic Troll BM. About money. And a check of some kind...

Looked it up, and check fraud is a big deal!

Lets see if Feral Winona can escape trouble yet again...


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Yes, check fraud is a big deal.

I just don't get it Clove. Over and over again some folks just end UP walking away with little to zero accountability.

Her age and lack of priors are on her side.

Keep us posted.


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She is always the victim, in her life story. I get needing money. But seriously!

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SD20 had a bank account with her mom and it got closed due to fraudulant activity when SD was 17. We still dont know what happened (bank wouldnt talk to DH cuz not his acct) but BM has been known to steal or lie to manipulate money from her parents, siblings and even her own children(my skids) as well as DHs family and friends. She even took MILs atm card and then said her atm card went missing from the same family party. Well BM you are the only theif here...not fooling anyone. This is what toxic feral will become if there are no consequences. No one ever does anything to BM. She was banned from her parents house for Christmas a few years ago but of course family always takes her back. Like she'll ever change.