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Because Check Forging is SO HARD!

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As a follow-up to my previous posts about Feral Winona Check Forger, last night, I had thought things would get more clear instead of less clear.

DH showed me Toxic Trolls texts to him regarding the Forged Checks. They were "sitting on the table", and she had texted him a photo of 3 checks, $200 each. And apparently Bm is $1,600 in the hole total, because other money including cash amounts have been taken as well. So she "wants alimony ASAP", and she told her crotch dropping to go move in with a friend because as she texted "she wont be homeless because of this..."

Oh, and the icing on that cake is that her ex boyfriend Tweedle Dum, is going to give her a loan of $$$$. This is the guy that she got a restraining order against last summer, and who was homeless and carless and recently seen working at a local waste management facility. Go figure.

I have no other information, other than this girl doesnt know how to write a check!!!! She had signed the backs ( no photo) and put dates and number amounts, but no payee and no amount in long hand. I just wonder at any bank that allows this! And check writing is such a basic thing! Wow.

Oh, and Toxic Troll asked DH if he would change the locks on the apartment for her. Yup. She did. All he said back was he didnt want to get in between them.

So, as of now, Toxic Troll is hurting for money, dont know where Feral Check Forger is living and the ex Tweedle Dum might be back in the picture, restraining order be darned.


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She "wants Alimony ASAP"? I'm not sure she understands how that works.

Not surprised a kid doesn't know how to fill out a check, no one uses them much anymore. 

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He gives her cash after he gets paid. Almost done in about 9 months! Yay. I hate child support, but I despise alimony. Shes milkes men for what she can get, always.

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Gotcha.  Alimony sucks. So glad DH never had to pay it  - BM could have had to pay him, but he didn't ask for it.

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Until the last second.  Let BM handle it.  No hanging locks,  That’s way god made locksmiths.  Your DH relationships with BM is too closed.  I would not let him go over to BM ‘s.  It’s going to be her trying to get more money  out of your DH 

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He just told her that he wont get in the middle of things. I just wish he would say a simple "no" as a complete sentence. He doesnt want to poke the troll.

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Oh, and Toxic Troll asked DH if he would change the locks on the apartment for her. Yup. She did. All he said back was he didnt want to get in between them.

Jesus, he can't just tell her, no? He makes it sound like, yes, he would do if for HER but.....

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My thoughts exactly. He doesnt want to "poke the troll", any more than he has to. Things are currently in a sort of ok balance. She leaves us alone, and no toxic texting and no more court battles. For now.

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everything despite never being a wife, was a neglectful mum, never supported hubby in his career, was hostile and abusive... courts said no.. told hubby to give her a lump sum about $30,000 plus 50% of proceeds from sale of the home

for good measure she had her father and brother (both policeman) threaten to shoot and stab hubby... 

she did get child support for the youngest (another 3.5yrs to go) the eldest daughter was for about 4 yrs after the divorce into bio mums acct

this woman hasn’t worked in 25 yrs. i have been married to hubby for 4.5 yrs, have 2 toddlers (almost 2 & 3.5). I am currently studying externally to finish my uni degree (fulltime), in the hopes when both kids are in year 1 and pre-primary that i would have finished my degree and be working part-time.

exwife has spent her life sponging off others and using her kids to get money. God forbid she have to do her job and get off her arse and work. All 3 skids inherited the same attitude as mum, the sponge off others.

hubby has worked 30 years since graduating university to get to the top of his career with a yearly x00,000 salary, he coupd go even higher and  be ceo but doesn’t want the stress. He wants to spend time with his family. Such a shame skids don’t want and are incapable of relationships thanks to pas

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yup. Feral Check Forger is exactly like her mother - the professional victim so she doesnt have to take any responsibility for anything.

Same with my husband. Previously, when married to her, he couldnt buy a home, she worked at a low-paying job always, he generally paid for everything. she got him into 30k credit card debt, which he had to bankrupt out of to sepearet finances. Cheated on him, trash talked about him, lied constantly. She got half of nothing, a car, a VERY small amount of alimony, and VERY small amount of child support. This June - only 5 more years to go! Next Mach (9 months) alimony ends. Joy.

Now we are on the road to home ownership, can take vacations, and buy what we want, all the bills are caught up. No credit card debt, happy partnership, sane marriage. No more abuse.

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She doesn’t get alimony early “just because”.... tough crap, that is life.

DH’s ex is like that too.... feels so entitled. When they were together she kept him back and held him down... and she NEVER worked or helped contribute to a thing.  Now all she wants is to live off his successes he has achieved AFTER she was gone.