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Feral Check Forger is back...

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Back at mommas grungy apartment. All is good now.

After her failed attempts at forging and cashing 3 checks stolen from momeee, she has apologized, admitted that she is an addict (we dont know what...) and they will work together (momeee and Feral Check Forger) to rehabilitate her (how exactly?).

DH, his take on things is "she is still my daughter, and I care that she is not homeless, on the street and/or shacked up with bad people. At least I know shes somewhere safe."

The more questions I asked, the angrier DH got, and I had to take a step back. Just be supportive. I told him that I will not continue to badger with questions, just be suportive, and now we are better.

So, with my little knowledge, I am just not going to delve - I know all I need to know; that she is a liar, thief, toxic, feral, check forger, and as such I can rest assured that there will be no need to accept her into my household. Those two can work on her "illnesses" together and hopefully not badger DH for money.

Fingers crossed.

I think, from experience, that because there were no repercussions, as before, that she will wait until the dust settles and then do something else, or worse. All I know is that Munchkin SD13 will be in the middle of all the drama (again) and I can tell that she is so over it.


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This reminds me of Spawn and Meth Mouth, they have this dysfunctional, codependent, love/hate thing going, and it's so unhealthy.

I agree just know your truth and be thankful that the two are over there with their drama and crap and aren't bringing it into your home anymore.

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Because as we all know, they can try to come back at any time...(cue ominous organ music).

Yes Toxic Troll and Feral Check Forger are alike in personality. They brag about it. It seems to be part of their self-identity.

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It can be hard to distinguish what's "normal" growing pains crap for these maladjusted skids. I'm sorry Clove, but I think Feral Elder's behavior is driven more by mental illness than brattiness or addiction. She needs serious, professional help to diagnose and fix her chemistry. You and your DH should gird your loins, because FE will likely continue to go from crisis to crisis. 

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Its Mental Illness. Ive mentioned it more than once, and Munchkin always just thinks its her sister being lazy and selfish. Her father agrees with me, as well.

Not my kid - I cant make that my problem. I have zero control or input on the situation. All I can do is be emotional support for my husband.

Yes, I am just holding my breath for the next "thing".

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when addressing skid issue he claims he’s stressed... i don’t give in. I tell him to grow up and address the issues. I’m tired of skids typical excuses for every fuck up... you did something wrong, dad is telling you don’t do it again and be a better person. Nobody gives a effin stuff your excuse for doing it

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He gave her $100 loan that hasnt been paid back. She hasnt asked for anything additional.

But he feels that its his money, his choice how to spend it. However, ive noticed that he does judge me on what I buy. The strategy of having loaned her a little bit, so she wont continue to badger him for additional funds seems to have worked. For now.

She refused to meet up with him, when he would invite her out for dinner or lunch. She ONLY contacts him when she is short $$$$, or fighting with her mother. She has always treated him like ATM DADEE. I hated it, but could do nothing.

Yes Toxic Troll and Feral Check Forger, would love that. To keep that dependency line going. Unfortunately she isnt smart enough to butter him up. She thinks that she can throw accusations around, treat us like dirt and he will still be an open pocket for her.