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Banking Woes - more check forging saga

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Sorry folks, if this is getting boring and old.

Dh just informed me that he was JUST notified that money did indeed come out of the bank to cash the checks that Feral Forger endorsed, after all. The bank, naturally wants its money, and of course, since he has a checking and savings and his name is on the "child account", they want HIM to cover, and tried to block the accounts. Somehow he is not being required to cover it and he just closed the checking and savings, and has all his cash intact.

Sorry if this sounds jumbled, he was embroiled in taking care of things and this is what he related to me.

Best part? Well, thanks for asking, if you read this far I will reward you with some funny chit.

When  DH texted Feral Forger with the news that the accounts are being closed, and that what she did was a felony, and highly illegal, she responded with "you are yelling at me!!!"

She always was the worst whiner. Apparently she cried her entire childhood.

He will of course show me the major text exchange they had. So much for "no contact"!!!!!

He sounded so stressed that I did not want to badger him too much.

My major concern is if it shows up on his credit report. For our mortgage. Also, I needed bank statements. Ive got a message to our mortgage broker...

I have so many unanswered questions!

- Where did the money go? $600 is a good chunk.

- What bank account did it come out of/what bank?

- why isnt the BM freaking out?

- How will it affect our efforts to attain a mortgage?

- He said that he was blocked, at first, and then it was "ok, taken care of", but that he opened new accounts. Are they holding him liable or not?  He said the bank directed him to their "loss prevention department".

Stay tuned folks...the Check Forging Saga continues...



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Once again, Mommy and Daddy to the rescue ... She should be facing charges for this, but they are just going to lecture her and let it go?

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When I came home he showed me the texts between he and Feral Forger - he basically told her that if she didnt fix it, then he would call the police.

But supopsedly she is paying her mother...not sure what about the bank...

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  He said the bank directed him to their "loss prevention department

I would think that this does not bode well for Feral Forger unless mom or dad cough up the funds.

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For anyone. BM Toxoc Troll had her bank account blocked, and DH had to negotiate with his bank manager to keep things from getting to that point.

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I was a bank manger for a decade- that does not make sense that they wouldn’t hold him liable- if an account is joint it is equal responsibility (always be careful who you open accounts with, or co-sign a loan for).   

Is this where he does his prinary banking? *Usually* what we would do is a “right of offset” and take it from another account held by the joint account holder.  So if he had the money in his own chequing account we would take it from there. 

Now, he could also have been put on a repayment plan- where he has to pay it back on a schedule..... which would pretty much just be a private arrangement between that branch manager and the client. 

If they sent the amount owing to collections than yes it will reflect on credit score possibly.  Different banks have different policies about what they will just write off and what they will send on collections. 

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Yes he has his primary checking and a savings overdraft account.

He filled me inon what is happening...sort of:

- The accounts are not fully linked. He can deposit, and view but its linked to her social.

- After speaking with the bank manager where he started his account, he was directed to "loss prevention" and given instructions. Apparently he had explained the situation and she seemed very understanding. We will see. So we wont know until probably Tuesday what the bank is actually going to do. His primary checking and savings are not blocked, and there is a grace period in which Feral Forger can "fix things" as she said. During a heated exchange, he did threaten to call the cops, and then she threatened to call CPS. on the grounds that he used to yell and threaten her.

He hasnt been put on payment plan that I know of, because he doesnt think he is liable for the bank account and $$. Im thinking that after the "grace period" is over, the chit will hit the fan and they will try to extract the money from DH. This bank is notorious for dirty dealings to make more money. There was a major news story about how the bank tellers were inflating their new accounts because of intense pressure and many new accounts were signed up using other account holders social security numbers (gave the bank name away!)

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Ok, so from the sounds of it.... what they are doing is they are going to continue to try to get in touch with SD to fix this.  If she doesn’t fix it/respond then what they will do is put DH onto a payment plan or they will wait until he has enough money in his account to cover it and take it or portions of it. 

Now I know this doesn’t seem fair but the banks don’t play if someone takes their money illegally- they will do what they can to get it back (because they do also write off large amounts as well that they cannot recover.... so if they can get it back they are going to try)- this exact situation happens WAY more than you would expect!!!.  When your husband made the account joint with his kid he would have signed a bunch of paperwork that goes over all this and how they are both responsible for all activity under the account (tell him to ask them for the account opening docs... sometimes by chance they Frick up and are missing signatures or can’t locate a file! Which is a long shot but could get him off the hook).  I know this is a piss off situation- BUT think about the  people who co-sign for a 30k car loan and the person stops paying!!!! Have seen that more than once!! Your husband is a good customer so they will most likely try to work out a payment plan with him- and I hope you can somehow get the money off SD. 

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During a heated text exchange, Feral Forger insisted that she had gone to the bank and "fixed" it whatever that means. And that she is paying off BM. So frustrating. Dealing with Mr Trickle Truth avoid all that is painful and what he tells me was said by sociopathic liar #1 & #2.

Great advice. I will ask DH about signatures and opening paperwork. Thats a good place to start figuring out his liability/exposure.

Then, he needs to find out exactly how many checks were stolen.

Then he can figure out a payment plan, if necessary. 

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If someone doesn't pay it, yes, it will show on his report. I doubt the bank will just write it off. If nothing else it will be sold to a collection agency... yay! Unwanted harassing phone calls and mail!  

"Ok taken care of"... think he paid it?

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He doesnt have the money to pay that, not even close. With his debts he is way tight.

He has been given the directive to speak with the "loss prevention department", whatever that means. He doesnt seem to think he is liable. He doesnt think that they will come after him for that money. I thinkk he either doesnt have the full story, or he is not telling me everything.

Fact: the money came out of the BM's account - she claims to be "in the hole" $1,200. I dont know about the other $600.

Fact: The Bank cashed the checks, using a bank account that he had opened for her.

Other than this, I dont know anything else - she texted him that "she fixed it" whatever that means in "liar-ese".

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And then came home and found out that its not exactly fixed.

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The money from he bad cheque went back into moms account. Her bank stopped/recalled it for thefit/fraud.  So all of moms money will be in her account now at this time. 

Now it is the account that she deposited into that is in a deficit instead.  What they do is debit what was put in..... any cash that was taken out at the time that the bank can’t recover account holders are responsible for. 

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So taht is probably why the forger thinks she's "fixed"things - she thinks the whole problem is solved because her mother has her money back... oh dear ...

Clove, I hope your dh is going to close that bank account as soon as this issue is over.

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Yep exactly, mom has her money back so thinks things are swell and all fixed.  They ARE all fixed on moms end..... but forger still owes the bank back the money she stole. And unfortunately she did this through an account that has dad’s name on it. 

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So then he will probably be held liable. But what about the BM's account being frozen? 

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Hes not like that with her. He is super angry about all this. When it comes to money and paying bills and bank accounts, he is all business. He threatened to bring the police in on this, if she didnt pay back the money. The problem that I see is that she is supposedly giving all her money to BM, to pay her back, but what about the bank?

Things are really fishy with this story, and its starting to stink pretty badly.

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Forgive my ignorance, this story has me so confused. Who’s bank account was money taken from, your DH or BMs? If Feral forged the cheques, why would DH or BM be held responsible to pay it back? Their money was stolen, even if it was their kid who stole it, unless I’m missing something? 

I hope charges are pressed. I know you don’t want Feral getting worse than she is, and I don’t blame you, but she needs to be charged. 

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Glad it's not just me, I'm thoroughly confused. OP, can you clarify?  Bad checks were written, that's all I can figure out.

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The bank doesn’t look at it quite that way.  If cheque’s were stolen yes you will get the money back (so mom is off the hook)....,. BUT if you were joint on an account you ARE responsible for it- you took that liability when opening the account. 

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Im confused with you! Between DH's descriptions of what is happening, and the texts from BM that are halfway information, its hard to piece together what is ACTUALLY going on.

The money was taken from BMs account. Her account is currently flagged for fraud and frozen.

Im not certain of liability as of today (5/25/19) that has yet to be determined. DH created a child account, and he might have signed papers accepting liability if anything happened to make account go into the negative. BM is not responsible except she probably has to file as a victim of fraud....

I agree that repercussions need to happen. She has made some threats, and also has tried to appeal to DHs hopes that she will improve her life if given the chance.

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I took it as SD wrote checks off BMs account (#1) and cashed them through a different account that DH opened for SD as a child (an SD/DH joint account - #2).  Then DH has his own account (#3) with same bank.

So BMs account is in the hole $1200 due to the checks SD forged while SDs account, that DH is joint on, is reflecting the $600 reversal that weren't legit checks.

In theory, SDs account would only be negative if BMs account didn't honor the phony checks. As in BM isn't actually out the $600 SD tried to make off with.  BMs account being that far gone is actually pretty impressive all things considered.  I suppose while all of this mess is going on that $600 could be in limbo so both accounts showing the loss, maybe that's what BM is dealing with?

But anyway, that's the only way it makes sense to me.  So if that's not the situation I'm just as lost as you guys.  

If the SD/DH joint account is the case, he is on the hook for it.  No different than being a cosigner.  As an owner you're responsible.  BM could be made whole if charges were filed and she truly wasn't party to this $#!+ show.  DH on the other hand is going to want to separate himself from SD as soon as the account is brought up to date.  Especially with an institution with a history of unethical business practices.

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Exactly.... and my other guess where the other $600 is is that when the bank negotiated the cheque’s that $600 was placed on hold and not made available in the first place.  OR SD tried to cash it through another account she has elsewhere. 

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So - she stole $1200 from BM, actually, but because she tried to cash them through an account she has with DH's name on it, he will be on the hook for the money?  Sheesh, a GUBM couldn't do that better if she planned it that way!