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Adventures of a Feral Check Forger Step Kid

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I posted on the regular feed, but thought to myself "this is too precious not to share for a really long time. Plus easier to see than scrolling.

Edited: Background - my DH had a wild child past. Drugs, stealing, jail time, all before the age of 21. So I am thinking here "the sins of the father". She is now 20...she is on her way to destroying her own life with her own choices.

Edit plus plus: I m so fraking grateful that she is NOT living with us, and NOT affecting us at all at this point. Stealing is so NOT ok with me. I work for my money, and things that I have, and would hate to have to live in fear that at any point it can be taken away by an ungrateful, dirty, narcissisitc brat.

Here is the Story, "Adventures of a Feral Check Forger Step Kid"

Blog Post #1 - Flying a Kite - Check Fraud

Toxic Feral aka Winona, well we knew something was bound to happen, it HAS been a month or so.

So - to backtrack for the new folks:

I have 2 skids - one I used to call Winona because she was caught at the age of 17-almost-18 stealing makeup sponges from JC Pennys. It was the SECOND TIME she was caught on camera. Luckily she was NOT yet 18, and luckily she had money in her purse. This resulted in a fine of $250, however, which DH paid, because he needed her to take his turns doing mom care. NO real repercussions...

Cut to now, about 3 years later, DH gets a letter from Bank, telling him an account with his name on it is going to be blocked and closed due to check altering. DH has no clue, but doesnt seem upset, because he knows somehow HIS account issafe. Its the same bank he uses for personal checking and savings account.

HMMMM. Yesterday he texted Feral Winona, asking her about this bank account. It was the "child account" that he set up for her, so she could cash paychecks. She of course doesnt know what is going on, has set up her own account with her own social sec, etc etc.

Then last night Munchkin SD lets slip that she is yet again in the middle of an argument between Feral Winona and Toxic Troll BM. About money. And a check of some kind...

Looked it up, and check fraud is a big deal!

Lets see if Feral Winona can escape trouble yet again...

Blog Post #2 - Check Fraud Update

Well, here it goes!

If you read my previous blog a few blogs down on this feed, and are curious as to "what happened????" read on! Its been a few years that the karma bus has been waiting to hit. And when it hits, it seems the longer it took, the harder the impact!

Not to say I wish bad on anyone...but well, I am laughing right now, this is so ridiculous.

Little twit Feral Winona stole checks from mommys check book, forged signatures, and deposited them. 3 for $200 each. And blamed mommy's meth-head boyfriends (or guys that she accuses of being on meth).

Im not sure what the deal is, if she gave the money back, or its just sitting there, or the bank did not take any money out, and the checks were voided. Supposedly she did not cash the checks, so the money should still be there, if the bank did a transfer of $$. Im getting dribbles here. Information texted to me, btween LOL's.

Guess I will have to wait until I get home so I can hear the whole story.

Stay Tuned Steptalkers!

For the next episode of the "Adventures of a Feral Check Forger Step Kid"

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Strikes again! Keep us posted 

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She got "the talk" this morning. Dont be like your sister in any way!!!!!

DH must want to give her a piece of his mind.

We are staying out of it. If Toxic Troll has problems, she is pretty much on her own.

On the plus side - before, if there were any doubts as to if Feral Check Forger should be allowed back in our home, they have been completely swept away. Win for me! LOL.