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Case Still open/Account closed - final chapter of check forging saga

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Well, for anyone who followed our check forging saga, we are at the end of our final chaper with respect to OUR little book.

DH was able to talk with the bank manager. He brought the negative balance of around 37$ (charges) to "zero it out", and today closed the child account that Feral Forger used to cash $600 worth of her mothers checks.

The bank told him that Feral Forger, if she doesnt pay back the bank, will not ever be able to open a bank account, anywhere. She currently has 3 that we know of even without the child account that was just closed.

So, this saga has ended, hopefully, without any further repercussions on DH. It was long and ugly, fraught with lies and manipulations. Who knows what the next "misadventure" will be? I just know that next month will bring something, perhaps worse, because Feral Forger simply hasnt learned her lesson.

Im still just shaking my head at the bank - she didnt sgn her mothers name at the signature block, she didnt even enter a payee - only wrote in dollar numbers (didnt even write in the dolllar amount in long hand!), all she did was endorse the back, and they still gave cash on it. PM me if youd like to know the name of the They might get mad if I publish this story with their name on it.

The End (maybe)


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I love it - "You'll never get a bank account again in this town!" 

Why not, "Charges will be pressed!"

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Yes, they have a very "western theme"...hint hint.

I wish. The bank may end up doing that. I learned that the police dont get involved - banks must do all the "pressing".

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DH asked me to take his name off of our bank account because he was afraid his ex wife might try to pull something.  He never pays the bills or writes checks so he forgot that we did that.  

We usually pay our plumber (a good friend) in cash but DH didn’t have cash one day and wrote him a check.  Money is very tight for our friend so I could see his having some problems if it didn’t go through.  But the bank honored it and never questioned anything. I was surprised.