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Check Forging Saga - there is another/threats etc

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So, everyone who commented, a huge thank you. Your questions help me figure out what we need to do and what questions we really need the answers to.

Some new developments and information as well as a few threats added for extra flavor.

I arrived home from a long day after a very long week including an audit (self audit not IRS, for my work), and DH was not at home. Upon checking the mailbox, there was only one letter, a statement from an unfamiliar bank. It had Feral Forger's name on it. The statement showed a period of 1 week (? maybe because it is recently opened?) and a zero balance.

DH came home, and after a small decompression period, he showed me the text exchange between he and Feral Forger. He made her angry that much is apparent. He threated to call the police if she doesnt work with the bank and "fix things". Her response was that she was working with the bank, and would give BM her paychecks, making a point that it would take some time because they were very small paychecks. Add in some guilt tripping such as "you dont care about your chldren, just your STUPID WIFE" and "you always yelled at me, and you need to stop!" and then there was the re-write of history "you kicked me out at 18, and made my room into a cLove office!" Add to this the amazingly en pointe REVELATION of "my phychiatrist sais I have sociopathic tendencies" dun du duuuuuu. Yeah Ive been saying that from the get-go. Narcissistic personality disorder, sociapathic liar...

Oh and lets not forget who is REALLY to blame - "I am a child of divorce, its childhood trauma that made me have sociopathic tendencies" (paraphrased for language - there were a few fuck yous and fuck offs in there too...) And he yelled at her. That his yelling at her caused her trauma, that the divorce caused her trauma. 

The exchange between them was full of threats and accusations. When he threatened her with police action, she in turned threatened to call CPS, to take Munchkin SD away, and then tried to appeal to his parental instinct with "well would you rather have a child in jail, or achild trying to work things out, wo is planning on going to school in the fall to better herself?" A different type of threat. The exchange ended with DH telling her to just forget his number ,forget she has a father.

She just makes me sick to my stomach. Its all sickening. And heartbreaking.

He himself had spoken to his bank manager and she had told him that if he doesnt work with them, they MIGHT freeze his accounts, but at this point, none of his accounts are frozen or flagged, and the child account has been closed. He will work further with the "loss prevention" department to find out what will happen/what he needs to do further.

So, a very few answers, and more questions. And what about this other bank account? What about the other $600?


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I think he should just call the police.

I get that it's hard to do that to your own kid, but that nugget from the shrink about her "sociopathic tendencies", and her utter lack of remorse would seal the deal for me.

She won't learn things in jail, she will probably teach the courses.

Considering your DH is struggling so much financially that $600 is a big sum, consequences need to happen for this girl. 

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Unmmm NOOOO she doesn’t need to give BM her pay, she needs to give it to the bank or to DH to give to the bank!!!!!!  The mom does not need to be given ANY money because her stuff is squared up now. 

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Keep those texts back and forth between SD and her father. She'll have a hard time if she ever does phone CPS in explaining away the threats she's trying to intimidate her father with. 

Besides, last I knew, people in county jail don't get to make collect calls to CPS, lol.


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No one has ever called BM out on her stealing/fraud. She is in her 40s and still pulling this shit. Even stole from SD20 when she was 17 and fraudulently used SDs checking acct. 

BM got banned from her family christmas 2016 because of shit she pulled with her dad and fraudulently using her sister's credit card. DH is not helping her by letting her steal.