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Check Fraud Update

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Well, here it goes!

If you read my previous blog a few blogs down on this feed, and are curious as to "what happened????" read on! Its been a few years that the karma bus has been waiting to hit. And when it hits, it seems the longer it took, the harder the impact!

Not to say I wish bad on anyone...but well, I am laughing right now, this is so ridiculous.

Little twit Feral Winona stole checks from mommys check book, forged signatures, and deposited them. 3 for $200 each. And blamed mommy's meth-head boyfriends (or guys that she accuses of being on meth).

Im not sure what the deal is, if she gave the money back, or its just sitting there, or the bank did not take any money out, and the checks were voided. Supposedly she did not cash the checks, so the money should still be there, if the bank did a transfer of $$. Im getting dribbles here. Information texted to me, btween LOL's.

Guess I will have to wait until I get home so I can hear the whole story.

Stay Tuned Steptalkers!

For the next episode of the "Adventures of Feral Check Forger"


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Oh boy Clove, I can't wait to hear the full story. Gota run to the store for popcorn, chocolate and wine!

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Yes, we shall see what is in the future. DH already chatted with Munchkin, we are hoping to "save" her from making the same mistakes. Hopefully she doesnt have to learn things the very hard way. Feral Winona obviously has not learned her lessons! Momee doesnt have any moneeeey to give her, dadeee already loaned her money that she hasnt paid back, so she cannot go to him...
As the only person who has any disposable income, in her small world, I am the natural next step, however THAT bridge has been burned a long time ago...

Burned bridges dont rebuild THEMSELVES missy! Would be nice to have that conversation with her at one point, but she needs to first get her head out of her buttocks.

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Momee is not going to send Feral to Jail.  Feral will just have to pass go and will not collect $200.!.!!  Momee will find the money to keep Feral happy,  fix it with the bank and all will live happy for the next day.  Can’t you see they are made for each other.  They are on the crazy train !  Just where is the next stop 

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"Little twit Feral Winona"

This made me laugh so much ROFL

Please keep us updated!

To be continued...................