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Mystery Package From the Girhippo

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Chef received a mystery package from "[StepDaddyBigBucks's Surname]" LOL.

A shoebox wrapped in brown paper!  Chef thought it was a bomb and wanted to throw it out!  Inside was some of Chef's old army memorabilia and letters from his long deceased mother.  No note from Gir or SDBBs.

I can only conclude that they are cleaning out their attic and getting ready to sell and possibly move.  I believe StepDaddyBigBuck's dad was in the military so he probably convinced the Girhippo to return the items instead of just throwing them in the trash.  It had SDBB's writing on the outside of the pkg as well.



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BM will periodically return random items of DH's...even though she's moved at least once since the divorce, so that means she's packed DH's things up and carted them to at least one new house. They are similar sentimental items - like things belonging to DH's father who has been gone for over 20 years (before DH even met BM). SSs will always say, "mom saved this for you, dad!" As if BM wants a prize for not throwing DH's possessions away even though she didn't allow him to come to the house and take anything after the divorce. Of course, she still has some things of DH's. We went to pick up SSs once and they made the mistake of opening BM's garage door - her two-car garage is literally chock full of random items. I don't even know if a person could walk through the garage to get to the house. DH exclaims, "there's my dad's sled." It's an old sled from his dad's childhood that BM has hanging on the wall in her garage, so she knows it's there...DH said he wasn't bothered by it. I know that if DH had anything of value, it was sold long ago. 

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but yeah I'm sure it was not her idea to return the items.

Chef thinks that she asked the skids if they wanted the items and they said hell no.  In fact OSS returned Chef's football and baseball uniforms when OSS was 11 as a final nail in the PAS coffin.

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I still have some odds and ends from BS20's dad thst I'd desperately like to return to him. Some of his family photos got mixed in with mine when BS was a baby and they've just been packed in a box. One of the stacks is just several copies of a baby photo of ex's daughter who didn't live past a few hours old. As far as I know it's the only copies of the only photo of her. I don't want them but I'm not going to throw them away. *shrug*

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Last time skids were at BMs (Xmas eve) they came home with a bunch of junk. SD decided she was going to give some of the dolls to one of my family members friend's daughter. Ok, nice thought. SO was like I bought these for SD when we were still married.... so they were 10 years old at that point. 

Then there was a small tote with more junk. Toys from the boys..... clearly they didn't want anything. 16, 15 years old,  why would you want toys for a 5 year old. So weird. 

Same thing happened last Christmas too. Why didn't she just throw this crap out?? 

At least it was stuff that DH wanted. Not toddler toys haha.

I still had random stuff that I didn't know I had from my ex bf. I discovered it when I moved in with SO. I was with him from 2007-2011 we lived together too. It is funny what you find in hidden parts of living spaces. 

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the Gir is am absolute slob and never cleans.  The only explanation is that they are getting ready to sell and move.  SDBB is nearing retirement.  Wonder if they will take the HousesHitter with them (YSS stb 18)

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Maybe it will be far away.....


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To a "CS ends at age 18"  state!!!!!  In that case, the Girhippo would "only" be on the payroll until the beginning of this upcoming January!!!  Doubtful though...she does not move within a 5-mile radius of her Mothership, Battleaxe Galactica.  The whole clan would have to move with her.

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My guess is she was bored and wanted to get him (and possibly you) thinking about her and her motives. That's the BM's game here.