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Blog Hog Alert--Soup in Cauldrons Update

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For all of you who don't know the GUBM, Girhippo and her "clan" started a soup business that pitched tents outside of various wineries and sold their wares.  This was after several failed catering/bakery businesses that were financed by the Gir's ancient granddad (loaded) and with Chef's CS.  The Gir is convinced she will be the next food network star.   Annnnd it's hard to F up soup!

It is mostly the Gir's BM, Battleaxe Gallactica, who does the cooking as the Gir can't cook.  Nor can she do accounting, cleaning, or anything else for that matter.  Her REAL job is to counsel foster parents on how to parent which is deliciously ironic since all three of her ferals are absolutely devoid of all parenting, but I digress.

She bought a food truck with CS and is trotting down to the middle of nowhere to 2 and 3 star wineries where they tell you not to smell the wine!! LOL!  Her winery of choice to park the cauldron jalopy at has a brand name called "Red Neck Wines"

You just CAN'T make this stuff up!   Her FB biz page is nothing but her friends and fam giving her 2 or 3 likes here and there.  The profile photo is of the Gir, Battleaxe, the Houseshitter (complete lack of hygiene) and StepDaddyBigBucks sidled in at the very end of the line.

I also found out a brewery that I will never go to that is near me because she parks her cauldron jalopy outside of it!  It's fairly clear that this side biz is exclusively a write off against SDBB's large salary.

Also she has NO listing whatsoever on YELP in that 25 mile radius (of the mothership) under food trucks, soup or anything else.



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Disgusting! thats why I don't like to eat at restaurants. One time I saw an owner lady, (real nice lady, and good food) standing over a pot of soup, picking out a hang nail piece of skin that was bothering her or something, leaning on the giant pot, then I almost died when I saw her flick it into the soup.  and she was a normal looking person.  I think we have been eating skin cells, boogers and hair when we eat at restaurants. Usually we cant even see in the kitchen.

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will be eating code violations if you partake in Soup in Caldrons 

(the real business name has been changed to protect,  well...ME!)

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Oh, this has me rolling! She had to go with cauldrons since she gets a lifetime supply as a witch! And cauldron jalopy.... dead! *ROFL*

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"Pitches a tent to sell her wares." LMAO!! Does she sell Gypsy tears too?

TT, I love these updates!