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More Hypocrisy from the Girhippo

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So Pumpkinhead's (OSS23.5) GF posted a restaurant health inspection website for her county on FB.  Their county is slightly north and west of Girhippoville; approximately 20 minutes away.  

Now this was a county I used to live in and people in my current county (who are considered "high end" ) used to make fun of it.  In my opinion NOTHING compared to the white trash nation and banjos warming up that is Girhippoville's county!!!

Girhippo immediately chimes in (because she's a culinary expert with her Soup in Cauldrons" biz.) 

"Better not eat out in Pumpkinheadville county!!" she warned.

 Now I happened to glance at the restaurant health inspections in HER county and they have so many violations it is incredible!!! My old county (the county that Pumpkinhead and his GF live in) don't have anywhere NEAR the health violations as does the Girhippo's county!   Just the THOUGHT of the HouseShitter and his filthy, gnawed to the nub fat fingers working at the local sports bar as a bus boy makes me CRINGE!!  I always feel like I have to take a shower when coming back from Girhippoville!

And as I can recall, a few years back the health inspector had to admonish the Gir to use plastic gloves when preparing HER soup in cauldrons!