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So Now we Know Where all the CS Money is Going to!

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The Girhippo bought a  food truck for her Soup in Cauldrons business last autumn.  So that $800 a month is being put to good use (NOT).  Meanwhile it looks as though SD20 has quit her p/t pizza job--no college, nothing.  YSS (will be 16 tomorrow) is still the budding school shooter and felon.  Nice.

We are definitely going back to court the end of January when Chef gets 1099ed.  Should be more like $200 a month given Chef's income now. 


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StepDaddyBigBucks asked for Alzheimers contributions for his birthday this year.  Raised a total of $47 out of a goal of $300.  Of course none of the skids contributed.


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Man....I hate those FB fundraiser things. 

"For my birthday this year, I'm asking for contributions to...." 

Give me a break. Like adults regularly get each other birthday presents anyway.

So now, you've got some weird way to virtue signal about some cause that you supposedly care about...on the backs of thousands of FB "friends" on your list? Suddenly, I'm supposed to be handing out birthday 20s like they're candy just because my casual acquaintances are having birthdays? 

Here's an idea. Any of the people on your FB list who know you well and intimately enough to exchange birthday gifts with...maybe talk to them directly about skipping the gift exchange and giving the money to charity instead. Or, maybe, do what I did last year with the birthday money I received from my in-laws...take a percentage of any gifts you receive and give that money to a charity your own damn self...without having to crow about it to everyone in the world (OK. So I'm 'crowing' about it here...but none of y'all know my true identity so no biggie. Also, I had a ton of fun using MY birthday money to buy blankets and clothing for at-risk babies in need and then dropping it off. As a birthday present to myself. Didn't feel the need to virtue-signal and guilt other people into supporting my cause...)

OK. Sorry...rant over. Those things just drive me up the wall. 

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The way your skids' other family operates reminds me of the African space program...

all of the intentions are there, but the methodology, planning, execution, and follow up often result in something that LOOKS like a space shuttle, but can't fly because someone thought it would be a good idea to build it out of a rusted ancient car, duct tape, and Cessna wings dredged from an old wreck.

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what fools the court system, the local magistrate and the school district.   To all appearances, the Gir is "MOTY."

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Sounds familiar.  BM didn't need CS from my SO until she found out I was pregnant.  As soon as she found out she was taking him to court for CS.  As soon as she started receiving the CS she bought a new car.  

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At their last court appearance,  well CHEF'S appearance--she didn't show the Gir just left a note saying "Appearing is too stressful for me and I don't want any more CS (read: doesn't want anymore CS IF Chef has stipulations on the money or wants to get involved with his own children)

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Awww, poor Gir was distraught she didn't have a case to suck the life out of him anymore!  Just like my SD was to distraught to visit last night after daddy called her out on her BS!  

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threw in the towel when Chef's, ohhhh 4th attorney didn't get "Constructive Emancipation By Conduct" and was only concerned with the FINANCIAL end of things (aka MY income which shouldn't even count whatsoever--we're not married and separate finances all the way)  I think I've found a new attorney and would LOVE for Chef to go pro se however Chef doesn't present well in court  (think blue collar lumbering guy with short fuse who only knows how to cuss).  As soon as he is 1099ed and his shill job's W2 comes in we are heading back to court for a downward mod as well as college expectations (yeah right).  BTW YSS turned 16 today.  What a joke.

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Pretty sad how the men get screwed over in the courts constantly.  Damn right your income shouldn't count or be included.  Those skids are not your responsibility!  Ugh!  Oh yeah, I love how every damn skid on this site is entitled to a college fund!  I find that disgusting.  That should not be an obligation to either parent.  It should be provided if the parent can help.  I NEVER expected my parents to pay for my college and I am a poor COD!

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I hate that unscrupulous, abusive beyatch to the Nth degree! She is destroying her childrens’ futures! She uses your husband and the moron that is married to her.

What a horrible excuse for a human being.

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When BioHo was collecting CS, she had her dark hair bleached blonde (professionally), root touch-ups every 2 weeks (professionally), weekly mani/pedis, and bought designer clothes. The skids wore Walmart fashion.

Now that CS has ended? 'Ho can no longer afford all of that. She's back to being a brunette and doing at home touch-ups to hide the gray, can only afford a mani/pedi once a month, and shops clearance and fakebook used clothing sales.

I'll give you 3 guesses where that CS went and the first 2 don't count!

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Well BM here lives off alimony and welfare, refuses to work.

She didn’t work when they were married, DH couldn’t make her to, she withdraw suspicious amounts of money that she couldn’t explsin to DH, that resulted in him divorcing her. Of course judge awarded her hefty spousal support 

She recently gave OSD $1000 to buy some furniture (let her borrow it). OSD asked her where she got the kind of money from if all she gets is alimony from dad and food stamps.

BM replied: it’s from my retirement fund so I’ll need it back. Retirement fund???? She never worked??? And she supposedly so destitute now yet she has money??? For old age?? Retirement? 

DH and I thought right away that she always withdrew and stashed money for like years! I’d say she probably has more than I and DH and we both work our entire lives. 

My blood boils thinking about these women 


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was a stay-in-bed Mom all during their marriage.  Refused to work.

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Stay in bed mom lol 

BM was terrified when DH told her he wants divorce because it meant losing meal ticket. She told him that she’ll ruin his life if he divorced her. She tried. Didn’t succeed.

She then tried to poison adult skids against him telling them that he now has new family (meaning me) and doesn’t care about them. YSD told her to stfu and is now estranged from her. OSD told her that dad is finally happy and BM needs to leave him and SM (me) alone. My OSD is very crazy just like her BM but even she knows what is what. 

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Oh man, if I had a dollar for everytime BM said, "SD is struggling to fit in with your family.  Your place your new family above her all the time" I would be a freaking millionare!  

Crazy how they all use the same poison tactics!

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Hey be thankful cs isn't being used to support a drug habit ?????? Sorry about this. 

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but her S in C biz is used as a tax write-off against SDBB's six figure salary.  In other words they are making out like bandits and Chef continues to be impoverished.  

In fact I would go so far to say if it were being spent on drugs then maybe the MOTY act would have a better chance of being exposed  to the courts!

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I'm just so thankful that I met DH several years after his CS obligations were over.  Although to be fair to BM she has always held a very good job and lives quite frugally.  I don't think we would have major issues.


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I think DH’s CS goes to the casino. When BM and DH were married, BM would go to the casino nightly. She would spend between $1k and $3k each visit. 

Her current SO has a penchant for online poker and one of his recent jobs, according to SS was “a professional poker player.”

Both SSs have Instagram accounts. One periodically posts pictures about upcoming sports matchups and they are all pictures of gambling sites. He’s 12, so he shouldn’t be gambling, but he apparently has access to some gambling site, on the regular.

BM makes six figures and is a partner at an accounting firm, but is always broke and selling all of her possessions online.