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SD, stb 20 is NOT enrolled in community college this semester.  My guess is she dropped out sometime the last (her first) semester due to poor grades and attendance.  BUT since we live in BM-Centric New York, unless we can prove that she is self-supporting (she works a few hours a week at a local pizzeria) we have to continue to pay CS until she turns 21.

Registrar was contacted and he replied back that she did NOT enroll this semester.   Of COURSE she didn't  That was just a ploy in an attempt to follow the CO--why I don't know; the Girhippo has NEVER followed the CO nor paid any consequences for not doing so--in order to keep CS at the same rate.

So $800 a month for another year (YSS stb 16 is still on it as well) 

We "may" be able to get a downward adjustment in January when Chef's 1099 comes out but that is a long shot according to the pit bull attorney.  You'd have to set a case that "SD is NOT in college so what measures have been taking FOR her to be self supporting."


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Go figure,, I am glad you found out.

You know what Think,,,I will NEVER ever understand mothers like this. Your Bm should have been 100percent transparent and honest since the adult child refused to be. 

How family courts treat ncp is beyond the pale.

Is she thinking about what she wants to do next? Maybe she wants to go to a different school now?

Hard to give up free money.... 


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The Girhippo just hopes we won't find out.  She was LIVID when we found out that OSS accidentally emancipated himself by moving out.   We filed for emancipation of OSS and by some miracle, got it!!   She was hoping just to keep on collecting CS on his behalf for the next two years.

 Of course we have had basically ZERO contact with the whole clan--other than seeing the Gir's ugly mug on court dates; this time she didn't even show and sent a "note" to the court saying it was too stressful to come to court.  We have had NO verbal contact with the Clan since going on a decade. 

We had to fire our last attorney because he INSISTED on putting MY income down on the CS calc forms.  (But somehow StepDaddyBigBuck's almost six figure income NEVER shows on any forms even though they are married and file jointly)

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Now don't take this as factual...because I do not have proof.

BUT I heard thru different grapevines...the reason, part of the reason attorneys are looking at all incomes and assets is to see just how much their clients has, what is available to draw OUT the case?? Does client have the money?  IF the client bails on a bill what is there to collect from. Masking as interogatories??? Maybe?? Sure I get it they need w2's from both parties but more than that, is MY question,, why? 



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Chef and I are NOT married and we will remain so for at least until the youngest ages out at 21 (he's going to be 16 in January)

We are separate entities; all finances separate everything in MY name.  He is basically my TENANT.   There's no way in HELL I'm putting a cent of my income down on her calc sheets.  Funny thing is last year, the Gir artificially lowered her income to try and quality for SD's "Free" college.  She became a waitress at a local casino despite having a bachelors degree.   Now she's taken a  high ranking counselor position for a non-for-profit Foster Home outfit (the irony is DELICIOUS).   And on TAP and PELL they need to consider StepDaddyBigBucks' income as he is legally married to the Girhippo.

But I see your point in that the lawyer may be afraid he/she won't get paid.    Chef has always been on the brink of poverty since the divorce but the attorney has always been paid (usualy by me; Chef provides "sweat equity")

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I hope you can get the CS adjusted but in case it doesn't get reduced just know you have 3 years left and hopefully things will turn around in the meantime. I recall my H's daughter was on and off in college, worked and still received CS but once she turned 21 it ended and it was the best feeling in the world.

Just see what you can do and in the meantime continue doing what you do, think of it as only temporary and it won't be forever.

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Either way we will need to go back to court to get SD off of CS when she turns 21 because we still have YSS stb 16 on.  It is my understanding that if you have another skid on, CS won't automatically end for SD.  Of course the Girhippo will try to push her back into college to extend CS until she is 24. 

I can only hope that we will "catch" YSS (the helion that the Gir couldn't care less about) moving out early before age 21!!

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It is a small reduction. NOT 1/3 1/3 1/3.

Even with 2 kids, one becomes emancipated the CS is not cut in 1/2.

You would think it was but noooooooooooooooope


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from 21% to 17% of Chef's gross income.  Which is next to nothing now and has been since he's had "his" own business.  I will be 1099ing him and it will come down to 35 hours a week, 12-15 dollars an hour.