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BM Gets Job At Casino As a Waitress--UPDATE and Chef's Take

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Told Chef about the Girhippo's waitressing gig which started last month--shortly after OSS(20) started working there as a dishwasher. Chef replied "She's getting ready to ditch StepDaddyBigBucks--she's tired of him."

Now at first I thought that was just butthurt on the part of Chef, however, I noticed that:

1. the Gir NEVER includes photos of SDBB unless she has to (they're on a SDBB-paid vacay)
2. SDBB's site has NO posts from the Gir for well over six months now
3. SDBB's site suddenly has alumna women posting middle and high school photos with NO feedback from the Gir.

They have been married long enough for the Gir to take half of what SDBB has (fat retirement, etc--he works at a fortune 500 as a medical equipment tech and manager) I guess having a walking ATM kissing your ass all the time gets exhaustingl

All the photos in the last six months have been the Gir duckfacing with SD 18, YSS 14 and OSS 20.

It's very apparent that both the Gir and her BM, Battleaxe Gallactica are only interested in men for their wallets. Battleaxe has been married four times so the Gir may be following in her mother's footsteps.


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I don't know... I rarely post pics of my DH on FB because he hates it. He has no FB and he hates it when I post pics of him, so I respectfully don't unless it's our anniversary or his birthday or something. I guess from looking at my posts and page, people might think we are on the outs.. but we're not.

What's that saying? The best sign of a good relationship is NO sign of it on facebook?

But it IS odd that an ugly woman with a full time, good paying government job AND a side business would bother with wasting time waitressing at a casino?? :? I love my BS7 dearly, but do NOT see myself running out to get another job as a waitress so I can spend extra time with him?!

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Same here. He says he must "stamp approval" on the pic before posting. He is ok with me posting pics on instagram since it's only family and our closest friends.

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I don't post a lot of pics of DH. My cousin one time messaged me and asked if DH and I split up because she hadn't seen any posts about it. LOL

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Believe me, the Gir couldn't snag a rich gambling man. She doesn't have the looks for it. And she already has a walking ATM. . .

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That's probably true. I know that some folks try to cover up a crappy relationship by constantly putting on a show that they are happily ever after. I work with one of those.

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I don't post pics either. Tons of my kids,maybe 3-4 of DH. People know we are together and I don't like giving the ex a view of our lives.

I can't imagine a reason she would be working at a casino either, seems suspect.

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Chef has been behaving himself lately. Not sure if reality is sinking in or what!

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Does she get worse when she doesn't have a man in her life?

We can tell when BM is fighting with her BF. It's not as bad now because the skids are adults and we don't have much contact with her. We do hear about it from the skids because she gets so needy and expects her kids to fill the void the BF is leaving.

This Xmas she pulled SD away from our family Xmas because her car wouldn't start. BF didn't come with her for Xmas and she needed SD to be with her for every minute of the three days she was here.

I think she's actually broken up with him. Both skids have jobs and are on their own but she's doing her best to get them to come to resort town. SD was saying that she's worried about her Mom. We didn't ask why and she didn't elaborate.

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We wouldn't know because it's been radio silence for the past going on eight years now. That's one benefit to PASworld.