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Comeuppance--Years Later-A Very Odd Thing

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Hi All,
Here is something to show you that the dynamics of what some people try to label as dysfunctional families finally does get turned around. My sister, who was originally married to a man, and later divorced him, and started an alternate lifestyle and relationship with women, years ago (almost ten years ago) gave my Mom a very traumatic and difficult time when my parents allowed me to come back and stay with them after my ex-husband (an alcoholic) and I separated and I subsequently filed divorce papers. I stayed with them for about four months and paid rent. I also worked during that time as well. My younger sister was also married at that time a (JAP) pardon the pun, my brother in laws's family was comfortable, and the inlaws gave them the family home. My younger sister also was in agreement with my older sister and they had always been quite tight. I was always the outsider. In any event, they had upset my mother so much to the point that they called her on the phone and upset her so much she was distraught and in tears. Needless to say, there was not much said afterwards, and they pretty much went their separate ways. My mom and I have always remained very close through the years, and in fact, my parents, did travel back from NC to attend our wedding. Actually, my husband is very close to my parents, especially since he is not particularly close to his own mother. In any event, just recently this past week, I was getting some information together was I am Executor of my parents estate, and I have a 21 year old brother who is autistic. Needless to say, if something were to happen, arrangements would need to be made, and my husband and I already have things in place for him to move in with us. However, it does seem that death, morbidity, or however, you'd like to refer to it, always seems to bring out the worst in people. And in this case, I expect that both my sisters would come crawling from under their respective rocks. My older sister left her relationship with one woman, only to go to the next, and quit that relationship, and then go back to the same one fifteen years later, but lose the house she started out with in the first place. And my younger sister, has moved out of her home that she had with my brother in law, they are separated, my niece is now eighteen and graduating, and my neice can't stand her. All those times and years that I had nothing and struggled, just seem like they were for naught, because here both of them are starting all over at the beginning again just like I had to do. Isn't life amazing?


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I was so sheltered from the real world before I met my husband. I am from a very small town in the midwest. My mom and dad were(and still are) like Ward and June Cleaver. My husband was my first "serious" boyfriend. I know my parents thought I was nuts to get involved with all of the turmoil and baggage that came with my husband. A lot of what I have to deal with and have seen was and still is shocking to me.

Life is amazing!!