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When the siblings are worse than the stepkids

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My husband comes from a family of 5 brothers and sisters and I swear, the 5 of them constantly backstab and gossip behind each other's backs. I can't keep up with who isn't talking to who and why.

Just had dinner with DH and his sister and I am emotionally exhausted. She criticzed her other brother, another brother's wife, DH's ex wife, DH's daughter, her own sister, in fact no family member (except DH and I who were present) was immune. Tells us the other sister is mad because we didn't invite her to dinner with us. The other sister HATES MY GUTS AND CALLS ME THE DEVIL. Yeah, I want to have dinner with her. These people are nuts! I am sorry I am ranting but after twelve years I still can't handle this. More wine, please.

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I will say I secretly enjoy when one of the brothers tells me DH's ex always reminded him of Bozo the Clown and he says it with a straight face all serious like.

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Well you can rest assured you and your husband will not be immune to her backstabbing anytime you are not in the room. People who talk to you about other people behind their backs, will talk about you to other people. I'd keep out of it and never, never agree with her unless she says something nice about someone, and I can pretty much guarantee from what you've said, that's never going to happen.

If you don't care about the fallout, you could ask her why she talks about people all the time, or perhaps mention to her that you feel sorry for her as it must be awful not being able to get on with anyone in the family. It will send her into a frenzy, but it will shut her up and make her think.

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My DH is a people pleaser and while he doesn't seemed to bothered by their behavior, he doesn't gossip like they do... usually. One time he started speculating about whether a co-worker was having an affair and I said, "If you want to gossip, call one of your sisters." He didn't like that comment at all LOL.