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Awesome new job

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Last Monday i applied at one of the biggest companies in my state. Friday they called for a phone interview with Hr, they skipped the second phone interview with the 2manager. Yesterday they had me in, I interviewed 3 managers, it went really well. Today they called and made an offer. I have a friend who works there who says this is unheard of..they do not move this fast.

I am so excited!!! The benefits rock and the women I interviewed with have been there between 10 and 25 years. I feel so blessed.


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What I do is very specialized, so this was such an unexpected surprise. My company has had a lot of changes and have moved a lot to California in the last 2 years.

I am dreading telling my coworker. It has been so hard and we have been a good team.

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Thank you. I am excited, scared, a little sad. I will have a commute which I have not had for a while. It happens so fast. In the long run it is the best possible thimg.

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Omg this is funny. Ex picked up bs for this impromptu practice. I told him as of the 31st bs will have bcbs again so he knows I have new job. He congratulated me and then immediately asked if I got a lot more money.

Omg I would love to say, yuppers, I still make a lot more than you. How about getting caught up on your vs.

I just replied less hours better bennies. They will pay 2k towards bs' s braces and the vision is better as well....and yes more money. About 10k more and no danger of moving to Ca.