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OT I got stepped on by my boss

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Well, that's what it feels like.  For months and months, she tells everyone with two ears that she wishes that I was her Deputy Manager.  I mean, everyone.  Then, the now Deputy Manager gives notice and she's moving to a different role within the company.  Great, I figure, now is my chance.

My manager prints off the job descriptions, hounds HR to get things rolling.  Gives me a print out of what HR "scores" on the application so I know key things to mention.  Then....everything goes quiet.  Usually jobs are posted within days of someone giving notice.  Nothing.  My manager also goes quiet and stops mentioning anything.  I ask what the hold up is and she says she's not sure, doesn't know, etc.

I'm not stupid.  I know something's up so I wait.  Two and half weeks.  Manager playing dumb all along.  People asking me am I going to go for the job?  I would be perfect.  They hope it's me.  I'd be great at it.  THEN the bomb drops.

My manager is going to step down and take the Deputy Manager role.  She probably knew this the better part of two weeks ago.  So the same people she was pushing to get me to interview for the job...were now the same people she's been working with to step down.  HR, her manager, director, etc.

Thanks a lot.  I mean it would've been half decent to let me know this was going to happen.  The upfront truth would've hurt a lot less than playing dumb and getting my hopes up for almost 3 weeks.  I feel like I've been sucker punched...and I hate it.

My interest, passion and loyalty for the company and the one person I though had my back is completely gone.  And I feel like sh*t.


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I know the feeling.  I've been here for over eight years and been repeatedly asking for Domain Admin privileges.  NOPE!  My former colleague had these privileges although dangerously unqualified because she WAS married to one of the admins.  Shortly after their divorce they took those rights away from her and now only 4 MALES are admins, one of which includes the CIO.   These admins often go off to lunch or conferences together leaving the rest of us in a lurch because no admin is able to unlock certain accounts so we have to frantically reach out to them by texting and hope they can remote in to do a 2 second fix.

I do higher level work as a "Network Analyst" yet have no rights to log into the majority of servers here incluing the domain controllers!

One of the other admins who is in major league in charge practically does BACKFLIPS and makes much more work for himself trying to give me access WITHOUT granting me domain admin whilst in the same breath mumbles that he is overworked and overextended (but won't delegate any authority)


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Do you think she maybe was forced to step down?  What was the reason she stepped down?

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She says she requested it.  When she pulled me in a room to finally tell me, she started off with "This feels terrible but...".  So she obviously felt bad.  Probably for the same reasons I feel blindsided.

She doesn't want to be in charge anymore.  Rather leave it to someone else.  Okay, fine, but could you have never given me hope that I had a chance to move up?  That's what hurts...she mentioned to half the ward that she'd love to have me as her right hand man.  For months and months.

Once everyone knew the current deputy manager was changing roles, I literally had our team plus nurses, HCA's, the ward sister...everyone.  During my last one-on-one, my manager said I was breath of fresh air and she's told "all the right people" that she'd make me her deputy today if she could.

Then she just changed her mind and pretended she didn't know what was going on.  Either way she wasn't truthful and it really stings.


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Yeah, excellent to screw over...

Thank you for the compliment notsure Smile

I could apply for her job but I didn't want it.  I'd be in the firing line for stuffy old higher up managers that have been there forever and don't like change.  Plus a few members of the current team that have been there so long, they are untouchable.  I didn't want to deal with that b.s.  I'm a sidekick, not the hero.

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Sometimes being "the boss" is not worth the hassle, especially if you are middle management. Maybe your old boss will quit and you can have the position you really want!