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Being on this forum with you ladies is growing me a spine

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I am finally getting that I don't have to spinelessly clean up after, slink away to bedroom, rant and rave unheard, etc., all I have to do is announce how much I charge an hour!

It's truly priceless the responses this is getting me Smile

I'm not playing mr nice guy anymore. I work 3 effin jobs so if you don;t mind pick up after yourself, do your chores or pay up in full!

I just started this last week so it's the new version of me Smile


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Oh, the rules are about to change! Good for you. Truthfully everyone will benefit from the new found you!

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Good for you. This site has also given me a spine as well. I used to be afraid to hurt DHs feelings about his kids but not anymore. I tell him the truth and he can either take it or leave it.

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never be afraid of losing a man. if you live by this, you'll never have a man walk on you again.