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OT - Mental Health Monday

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I know I'm a little late to the game time-wise. Then again, when it comes to your mental health, ANY time of the day (or night) is a good time to focus on it.

I read something late Friday that stuck with me. Especially since it kept bouncing in and out of my thoughts the entire weekend.

If it costs you your peace, it is too expensive.

For whatever reason, my mind kept changing 'peace' to 'health'. But then I thought, 'Isn't that often the same thing?" YES, it is! Because our peace (of mind) can often be related to our health. This may be a bit TMI for some of you, but I will never forget suffering through months of emotional diarrhea because I did not have peace OR peace of mind. My psycho then-H was stalking me, harassing me, calling my place of work... My mind was in chaos, my stress and anxiety were through the roof, and 'peace' was a distant and almost foreign concept in my life. My mental health had metamorphosed to physical. It was definitely too expensive.

So when you're in a stressful or uncomfortable situation or relationship or job or <insert word here>, ask yourself: Is this costing me my peace? If the answer is Yes, stop paying that price. Your peace and your health - both mental AND physical - are priceless. 


If you are thinking about hurting yourself, call a family member or friend or 911. Please call someone.  <3




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I blew that up and printed two copies and saved as the background on my computer. 

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I don't have a printer, but I print well and have a ginormous sharpie, so I wrote it down and taped it inside my closet door. Smile

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I went in debt in costing my peace. 

Thank gawd Im out of debt and living my peace.

As of late on these forums and blogs hope some members realize they have over spent.


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Ah, this is so, so true. I worked really hard and spent a small fortune on therapy years ago when I found myself having more sad and anxious days than happy ones. It was worth all the time, work, and money that I spent to find peace.

Now I'm in the midst of a major depressive episode that is absolutely affecting my physical health and have come to the realization that some relationships need to be excised from my life because they are threatening to negate all the hard work that I've done. It's incredibly painful at the moment, but I've done it before and I know that finding peace is priceless. 

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Felicity .. {{{hugs}}}

I've been doing some major pruning to my relationship tree. Every time I've questioned if it's the right thing to do, that person does something that proves I'm doing the right thing. 

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Very wise words.



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I stuck with a job that I should have left.  I was working for a bully.  I cried every day on the way to work.  When I got home I was so messed up I could do nothing but go to bed and stay there until the next time I had to go to work.  I lost a lot of things during that period but luckily not DH.

Karma bus eventually came for the bully.

  • He jumped ship from my company just before he was fired. (Found out afterwards partly for his treatment of me.  Wish some of the higher ups had been a better ally at the time)
  • Took a good colleague of mine with him to his new company
  • I warned colleague before he left but he'd never been the victim of the bully so moved jobs to dream company
  • Colleague turned into the whipping boy by the bully
  • Colleague suffers badly for 1 to 11/2 years
  • Luckily colleague is very likable and wins allies
  • Bully gets sacked
  • Colleague gets promoted to Bully's VERY senior role working for the company that had been on his bucket list*ROFL*
  • Bully has gone off to work for, I kid you not, a company of debt collectors which will suit his personality.  But he never lasts anywhere more than 3 years.

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I'm so sorry that happened to you. {{hugs}}

What IS it with these awful people? Karma needs more bus drivers. It makes you wonder why no one seems to wonder why Bully changes jobs so often. 

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Thanks for the hugs.  It was rubbish at the time but it made me stronger in the end.  I got therapy, sorted out some stuff in my personal life including getting over my phobia of dentists, made two super new friends and have a much better relationship with work (ie no longer central to my life).  Kind of like yesterday's and today's blogs on change, I decided to change myself.  If I'd resigned and gone to a new job I wouldn't have had the push to fix myself.

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So true about something difficult making you stronger in the end. We need t-shirts! I consider myself to be a constant work-in-progress and am always looking at how to improve.