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being made into the bad guy

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So yesterday while ss16 was out running the mammoth dog, I looked at DH and said how since he took in the dog without me wanting it and for sure without following my "well we might take this dog in but ONLY if the fence gets done first so we have aplace for him to be safe and the he gets fixed" and since the dog is still unfixed two months later and the fence is still not done and so now the dog has shit and pissed ALL OVER my yard (and every one else's in the neighborhood likely) and worst but not least, now ss16 is fully attached to said dog, I will now >OF COURSE< be the bad guy when we FINALLY get rid of it. DH keeps promising he'll take the dog into the Humane Society or find another home for him but for some "odd" reason he always forgets the dang thing at home. Yesterday he promised and I got home and was ONCE AGAIN greeted in the drive way by a LOSE mammoth. When is DH going to get his act together and get this dog GONE? Now no matter how or where this dog goes, I will be the BAD GUY b/c DH has put me into this position. Ss16 and I already have a very strained relationship and this is not helping at all. I am wondering if DH intentionally is putting it off and putting it off so that the dog and boy bond so that I will have a change of heart. If that is his intention then it's starting to work b/c I am not the kind of monster to take a pet away from someone and DH knows this about me. DH was the bad guy by bringing this dog into the equation before we were ready. He says it got dumped on him b/c suddenly the owner was leaving for college and the house sank into a sink hole, bla bla, but really didn't he get that I was not keen on this whole big dog idea by the way I had drug my feet for 4 months saying no, no, no? *sigh*

But in the meanwhile back at the ranch, my cat is still living in my son's room and using his window for her entry/exit and is still too scared to be in the rest of the house.

I am so at the end of my rope on this issue and have no idea what the ef to do Sad

Now I gotta go to work for 11 hours to support this crazy family. Dare I bring up the subject of DH starting to look for work now that chemo treatments are over? Shit, it'd be nice to have some help once in awhile. His SSI has not been approved yet even though we applied way back last fall.


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I was reading over my own blogs and I guess it's only been a month since the mastiff got here. Seems like forever tho.

Also I noticed that I am struggling. I tried reading from third person position and I sound like a wreck. A train wreck in action actually. I always feel so naggy to DH and always feel so out of control in my own home. How can I gain control without appearing like a control freak. DH is a scorpio and maybe some of you are not into this astrology stuff but I am, and I am pisces, and it seems I am always just being run right over by DH with his lack of employment for 4 years now, his cancer and his pets and his lack of funds to support his pets and kids, etc, etc. I feel always like the maid around here. Sure DH and the boys do chores here and there, mostly lately ss16 and it feels like DH is having ss do so much to "win" my graces or perhaps DH cannot do things b/c of his cancer, so he has ss do things so in a weird round about way I feel like SS is my dh.

It's all so mixed up in my mind and emotions and I feel like I am hurtling through life at a fast speed toward retirement and what do I have to retire to?

Thanks for listening again.

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You are a bad person if you get rid of the dog.

Get the fence fixed. Make DS do it, or call a repair man and charge it to DH's credit card. Call the vet, schedule the neutering appt. This really isn't that hard.

Would you seriously be so callous as to take this animal to a shelter where it would most likely be put down just to make a fucking point to your family?

I would hope that would make you feel HORRIBLE about yourself, because you should.

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^^^^I agree^^^^^

Here's how I would suggest it go down:

You make an appt to get him neutered. You call and order a fence to be put up. OR you go to Home Depot and buy the supplies and tell DH and SS that the fence WILL be put up this weekend.

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Just checking because you contradicted yourself.

"Truthfully, I don't want such a massive dog, either. That's why I suggested we rescue one!!"