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Well, apparently BM did not get through with the IRS. DH is getting nasty texts this morning. And my wonderful husband (thank u all for the support to convince me to convince him to document) has actually replied by email.

Here's the latest email from BM:
"Fuck you you bastard, you aint bustin your ass for me or daughter or son....that check came to BOTH our names not just yours asshole. Yes I am sick to my stomach because of you, you have been nothing but a selfish pain in my ass, dont fucking email me again, I want nothing to do with you. You couldnt even provide for daughter & son but yet you bring two more kids into the world....friggin loser."

1. Gotta love how she points out that DH is not busting his ass for HER, as if he is supposed to be doing so.
2. The check she's referring to came in DH's name ONLY and she forged his signature and tried to deposit it, but the bank didn't let her. DH went ahead and paid all the taxes even though they split the $$$ because she was forced to tell him about it if she wanted to get the check cashed.
3. Who's really been the "selfish pain in the ass"?? Hmmmm.
4. It's obviously KILLING her that DH and I are having another kid.


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These woman have an entitlement attitude. They think they are owed everything and everyone should cater to them. Our BM thinks everyone's world should revolve around her and what she wants.

I am sorry she is so selfish and bringing another child into this world that she will not take are of.

It is sad.