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The IL drama continues

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Seriously eff FIL and his mother. This FIL of mine is such a pansy momma's boy and his mother thinks he hung the moon and just adores every breath the loser takes. After the Halloween smack down where FIL called me a "selfish bitch" for not allowing him to bring SD over when DH wasn't even home, I'm sure his mother has heard all about it and told him that he was totally jusitified. Anyhow the old bat continually feels the need to comment on my FB status. Today I posted my DS's 4mo weight and height stats and she leaves a smart ass comment talking about my SIL's son who is gaining weight really slow. I swear to GOD can nothing in their screwed up family ever just be about MY SON???? He's DH's kid too ya know!! First it was always the chosen one SD and now his cousin.