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Ot: what a surprise, dh's dad needs something so all of a sudden...

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He calls dh and dh is ready to drop what he's doing to go help daddy out.

Mind you, daddy could pay someone $50 to do it.
Mind you, daddy made NO time for dh or SS or his new grand daughter during the holidays even though dh put several offers on the table.
Mind you, dh has his OWN chores he's trying to accomplish this week.

Dh said, "the only place I may need to go today is to dad's rental to do xyz".

I said, "uh, you mean your father who has no time for us for lunch, dinner, breakfast or cookies during the past two weeks? That dad? You're seriously going to drop everything you're working on for your own family to go save daddy $50? ...I'd tell daddy he's welcome to stop by and borrow the tool he needs, but no. You're not going to go drop everything".

It's so sad to see dh take any crumb he can get from his father.

At least dh said, "well, when you put it like that..."


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He didn't. I was actually quite proud of DH.

FIL actually called DH today and mentioned the lock and DH said he had the day free, but FIL muttered that he already handled it all.

DH still plays into all his little games. When FIL called DH today, DH hung up and called me, to share all the DRAMA with me. I pointed out that none of this was actually being "done" to FIL, but rather that it was an effect of FILs actions. (if that makes sense).

DH gets it, but he has his patterns ingrained so deeply, that he gets sucked up into FIL's games pretty easily.