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Duck Face so Stuck on "Famous"

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I have a friend that races RC boats professionally and asked him if he'd do a little demo with the kids yesterday while they were on spring break. He happily obliged as it is good for him to do this sort of community service and he's also an old friend of mine.

Anyway, the kids had a blast. They got to race his boat - one goes nearly 100 miles an hour and he also showed them how his dune buggy worked and made it do flips for them and showed off all his tricks.

Again, the kids were really having a blast and DH and I were thinking how much funner this was then having them indoors and playing video games. I had my friend talk to the kids about how he started doing this when he was a kid and just kept with it and now it is his career. He is in magazines and wins trophies and gets to do something her really, really loves for a living.

Anyway, on the way home, I asked each child what they liked best about the day. My kids said things like: racing the boat, learning about the engine, watching it go fast, hearing about how he started when he was our age. What does SS say? "meeting someone famous"

(Which is actually the same thing he said after I took him to the Pink concert with my DD, "seeing someone famous"). It's like the kid is so focused on the superficial, he can't see past it.

My aunt asked all the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up. Again, my kids: scientist, video game developer, artist, chef. SS? He wanted to be... wait for it...

Something famous.


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I hear this from the oldest SD as well. I tell her father that serial killers get to be famous - especially those that are women. He is not amused! LOL

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Well...when kids grow up watching the Kardashians, Snooki, Paris Hilton...all those people are famous just for being famous. It's pathetic.

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Yep. I've tried. My aunt has tried. He has no answer. Sounds like this:

Me: famous huh? Like in what area?
Ss: I don't know
Me: we'll is there something you're interested in?
Ss: not really
Me: well, people become famous by doing something really extraordinary or being really good at something
Ss: oh...we'll maybe I can be a famous football player or quarterback
Me: hmmm... Well maybe, but that could be hard since you don't play football ... Any other ideas? Like things you like?
Ss: uh, no. I can't think of anything

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True. But it is pretty sad that a sex tape that culminates in getting peed on can start a "career", isn't it? I have no hate for the money that her mother parlayed it into but trying to add the "air of class" is just too hard for me to swallow. (pun fully intended) LOL

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Puns may be the "lowest form of humor" but I love them! Yeah - apparently she and Ray-J (Brandi's little brother - so 2 minor celebrities right there) hooked up, filmed it and indulged in some water sports. No one knew who the hell she was at the time. But when her father, who had been on OJ Simpson's defense team "tried to block the publication" (which any attorney knows is impossible - once it is on the internet it is out there forever!) it started getting hits all over the place and a "star" was born.

They must have been so proud.....

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AHAHAHAHAH -- You said LEAKED!!!! (reverting to 10 year old boy) LOL

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And if you're still reading, I'll share this tidbit as well. Ss had his iPod in the car on the way home from school. Ss's friend asked to look at it and started looking at it and checked out his pictures and started busting up laughing.
Because ss's iPod is full of selfies of himself with duck face. The friend even showed me one of the pics where he had his shirt off.

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Just turned 14. He used to be pretty chubby and now he thinks he's buffed (remember, he curls my 10 lb dumbells and thinks he's strong). When he actually had a very non-athletic body because he has never done anything athletic and prefers to sit and play video games or take selfies all day.

If we ask him to walk his dog, he tries to return in less than 10 min. But man, he thinks he's a buffed athletic superstar.

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The entire family teases him but he thinks he's hot stuff. (Dh, dd13, ds11 and ds9). On our vacation this weekend, ds9 thought he was being hilarious during picture time and kept doing his "ss pose": duck face, peace / yolo sign. Even my 9 year old thinks he's ridiculous.

Keep in mind that ss is also the same kid that will take longer to get ready to walk the dog then he actually will take to walk the dog.