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Skids update

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Grades are in: Both made A/B honor roll for the forth quarter.

Sounds good right? Then we got the low down from their guidance councelors. They both failed the FCAT. Have to pass to get a HS Diploma, if they don't pass they get a certificate of attendence instead of a HSD.

For those not in Florida the test grades out at levels 1 thru 5. Kids must have a minimum of a level 3 in all areas, reading, math, science and writing.

FSD got a level 1 in reading.
FSS got a level 2 (LOW 2) in math.

They both failed the FCAT (these same subjects) last year and have been in remedial/ intensive courses all year. They pulled A's for grades in the remedial courses, but still failed that same portion of the test.

BM came over to talk about it last night. (SO's apt, NOT my house). She brought the Fskids along with her and she and SO were talking about how to get their grades up. In typical my child can do no wrong standard, her solution was if they did not pass by their senior year to send the kids to live with relatives, out of state, where there is no testing so they can graduate. :jawdrop:

SO actually asked what I thought. He got an answer too. There are FCAT prep books that the kids can do to practice the material on the test. Florida Virtual School offers a FREE course for prep on the test, local libraries offer tutoring. They could easily be doing these courses/ studies over the summer so they can do better next year. (Both are in HS next year, if FSD passes it one year, she never has to take it again, FSS has to pass it his 10th grade year and it counts for graduation)

These kids are going to end up with certificates instead of diplomas as both parents looked at me and stated with all seriousness, that my solution was not 'fair' to the kids, they 'earned' their summer off.



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Wow ! They earned the summer off - by failing! With idiots for parents no wonder they failed.

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The kids are not failing their classes, they are having trouble passing the exam. Some people are test takers and some are not. It's not uncommon for some kids to excel in class, but bomb on state/national exams. If the kids continue to fail the exam, while maintaining As and Bs, then it isn't a matter of not knowing the material. The parents should look at all of their options. If moving the kids to another area will ensure they graduate with a diploma, then they should do that.

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Normally I would agree with you. However in all other areas of this standardized test they scored High 3's to High 5's. It is not test anxiety that is bringing the scores down, nor is it not understanding the test.

FSD hates to read. Her words not mine. Neither of her parents can remember the last time she read a book, I truly think the only thing she reads are incoming text messages.

FSS would rather play video games than study. At his fathers house he does not get away with it, but he comes over with stories of the HOURS he spends playing them at BM's.

Yes, these are the skids weaker subjects. I understand that, however you don't do 'nothing' to improve their performance and just move them out of state to graduate!

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They aren't just doing nothing. The kids took intensive remedial classes all year. They got As in the classes but still failed the test. If they are passing their classes (with high grades), but failing the test, then it isn't a matter of not knowing the material. As a parent and a teacher, if my child was excelling in class, but failing the exam, I wouldn't think twice about moving him. After spending a year in an intensive course, I'd give them a break from test prep this summer.

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There are states that don't have graduation test requirements? Even backwater, hillbilly Arkansas requires kids to pass a state exam to graduate. TX does. CO does. NC does. Everywhere I've been to school or sent my kid to school does.

You might want to get your DH to check on that. Sounds like these relatives of BM might not know what they're talking about.

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Excellent point. She has relatives in NY, PA and GA. His family is all in this state. Anyone know if NY, PA and GA have mandatory testing?

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In NY we have different diploma levels. The level you graduate with depends on the number of regent exams you pass. I believe the passing score is 65. (afew years ago it was 55 not sure if they increased it) In order to meet the lowest level you have to pass 3 or 4 regents ~algebra, earth science, english. American history may be on that list also. The highest level requires you to pass a larger number of regents with at least a 90 on each exam.