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Possibly a New Low in Grades

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Well at least it matches his age (until he turns 18 in the next few days).

Again, the HousesHitter (YSS) is failing every subject except for Varsity Chorus.  

Although he did manage to get a 66 in remedial special ed 11th grade English.  Problem is he is in the 12th grade and reads at a fourth grade level.  His math skills are a little past 3rd grade.

Truancy is the biggest issue; his absences, both in person and during remote learning sticks out like a sore thumb.  Zero homework or classwork completed.

Usually when he gets too many zeros on homework and the teachers start sending nastygrams is when the Girhippo starts doing it for him.  Not so much this time.

Of course they will graduate him anyway this June.  Which is a complete disservice to him as well as the entire outside world.  And CS will continue until he is 21.



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This is a problem due to bad parenting. It sucks, and its not really fixble. He doesnt WANT to fix it.

When Muchkins bad grades came to light (because she had kept it a secret) we offered to help, and she wanted to fix it.

Same thing happened to Feral Forger. And shes still breaking bad.

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these BMs who set their kids up for failure in education. Youngest SS lived here for his Junior year. While his former principal told me I was wasting my time, we got to work and he left here with A's and B's, no missed days of school and all his medical needs taken care of (all of which BM ignored when he was with her). He went back with BM (because his adult siblings made life in my home miserable for him and me) so he chose to go back to BM for Senior year. Missed 53 days of school and failed his senior year. This kid, along with 3 of the other siblings, have struggled in life to this day. Thankfully, our CS ended at graduation of High School, or age 19. 


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BMs do what they do, but I can't understand a school district that is so horrible they haven't even referred this case to social services and whatever entity enforces truancy laws. "Butts in seats" is revenue for schools, so hasn't she cost them a good amount of cash over the years?

I know everyone throws the word abuse around these days, but this is both neglect and abuse. In my state, the Girhippo would be characterized as a repeat offender and well known in truancy court by now. She would have received citations, and possibly even been arrested.

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Are her peers/school chums.  She has them convinced that it is all Chef's fault because of the divorce; that Chef pays zero CS and is a deadbeat dad.

They look at her as the pillar of her community since she works as a foster parent counselor.  She is also involved in charity work so it CAN'T be her fault.


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This. Who you know helps. Just like law enforcement/military/government employees frequently get away with far more than they should. 

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Truancy laws in NY really have no teeth. If they can show they have mental health issues, then nothing at all gets done other than therapy, and as a therapist I can say - it doesn't help.  And even if it's not related to mental health, they do nothing, really - no court for anyone. Parents of teens are generally not held accountable if they make even a modest effort to get the kid to go to school, since it's felt they can't physically force the kid.

If younger kids miss school, then it's a CPS issue.

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So what sort of future do his parents imagine him ever having?  After they're dead and gone, how do the parents think this kid is going to survive?  

Good grief they've failed so horrifically.

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The school many times letting them know the HS, like the older two, have been completely PASed out for over a decade aka radio silence so he as zero influence over the HS at this point.

They don't seem to care one way or another.  This is the same school district that outright told Chef that his opinion didn't matter as he is not the custodial parent many years ago.