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A few updates

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BM is getting better. She has completed her mandatory 30 days inpatient at the Psych Hospital. Was supposed to transfer to jail for a 30 day sentence. Her doctors and lawyers got together with the Judge who was extremely kind and overrode his own decision.

BM does have a legitimate mental health condition that did cause her to go off the rails. (Read past blogs to see how she went off the rails. Too much information to have to retype it all.) She is on medication and is markedly improved. Her new sentence is to continue her therapy, moving to a partial hospitalization program (6 hours a day, Monday through Friday and going home at night) for three weeks, then an intensive out patients program at the hospital (2 hours of therapy, three times a week) for an additional three weeks. During these six weeks she must also complete an anger management course so she can get unsupervised visitation with her children. She must also submit to drug testing to prove she is taking her medication for the next year.

So long as she does all of the above, no jail. Which I actually agree with, since she has an illness the continued treatment will do her far more good than sitting in jail. Her employer put her on FMLA and she has disability insurance that is bringing her in enough money to keep her house and utilities. So there are no major stressers once she has accomplished her goals to undo all the work the doctors and therapists have done.

For mothers day, the gathering will be at my house. SO, dd and the fskids will be making brunch for myself, BM, SO's mother and BM's mother. That way BM gets to spend time with her kids, supervised by SO and her own parents and our plans of a mothers day brunch are not ruined. Should be interesting.


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I was just reading the post about what BM did.

The post with the poster stating how the BM needs the EXH drew my attention. BM has to have some type of contact with my SO (her EX obviously). Whether it is a text, phone call or stalking his FB page thru their kids pages.

I also feel like you do. I don't want anything bad to happen to BM, I don't want to raise her kids and didn't ask to (they were removed by CPS).....I want her to get her shit together and be a mother and get custody back. I would love it if this would happen to our BM but I don't think it would work on her, but I would hope so.