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Back to School

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Clothes- Check and thanks to you ladies for the layered look idea, we worked with it and she has new 'high school' clothes that do not make her look like a stripper but these same clothes are 'cool' enough she is walking around here with an ear to ear grin. FSD and DD kinda bonded over back to school shopping. FSD is a wanna be fashion queen so she could give DD pointers on what was cool to wear in HS and what was too young. The too young didn't matter when it came to Animal though, she found a t-shirt with that Muppet on it and it was a had to have in her book! FSD went just as nuts over one with Eeyore on it, apparently too young doesn't apply to Muppet and Pooh characters. Yes, I spoiled both girls and got them the t-shirts (on sale $3.00 each). SO gave FSD $100.00 to shop back to school with, she spent almost all of it but did get an impressive amount of clothing with it. SO took FSS out shopping, lots of tshirts, jeans other teenage boy stuff.

Prior to going shopping all three of us girls went through DD's clothes. While she had a ton of clothes, many did not fit anymore, a lot were just too young even if they did fit. What did fit that was age appropriate, did not pass school dress code. SO DD needed pretty much a completely new school wardrobe. What did not fit went to Goodwill. As did some of the stuff that did fit, but was too young. Really cool part, we went to drop off the clothes and the girls wanted to go in and shop. And boy did they. We spent 3 hours at Goodwill while they combed through the racks and bought a TON of stuff dirt cheap. We finally get to the mall and both of them are loving the clothes and hating the price tags stating they had more fun at Goodwill.

Shots- lots of them. Florida requires a lot more than NC did apparently. She got 4 shots, one was the HPV shot, not required for school, but a good series for any female teenager to have.

Supplies- Holy mother of god!! Recommended material for her math class alone is a $100.00 calculator. When I was in school it was cheating to use a calculator! And I can guarantee you this: my parents would not have dropped $100 for something to think for me! And how considerate: the school informed me that the cafeteria accepts debit cards and credit cards. Really. What parent in their right mind hands their kid a credit card or debit card for school lunches?!? The school is being a pain too. Seems that because 'we' get food stamps due to my DD technically being my foster child until the court hearing in Oct, she is supposed to be on free meals. This high school is in a high rent area, that would leave her being the only kid practically in the school on free lunch and in this school, it's a stigma. I dumped cash into her school account and told her to use that. (We did also find a use for the food stamps as we have to use them. We go to Sams or BJ's buy food in bulk, and donate it to a food bank one town over. Granted it is not a ton of food but they are thrilled to get it! Food stamps are used and those that need the food get it!)

Now just to wait for the 23rd. That is when school starts and all the kids are ready to go back!


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School supplies are totally outrageous. My BS is in third grade and my goodness, the amount I could drop alone on just the supplies is ridiculous. Thankfully, he had a ton of stuff left over from last year and he's a really "green" kid and he wants to use what he can because he beleives in using what you have first. PHEW!

And good on you for donating your food from your FS. That's really good of you!

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Here is an idea, use the food stamps for your home!!!! Ok, say you "don't" need them ok well....still use them and the money you would spend on food give to sd! Or to buy that caculator.....

Dont let pride get in the way you have help,so use it. But It is kind of you to help others too......

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The calculator is required at our school, but I refused to buy it and they have some to use as loaners. You just have to sign an agreement to give it back. You have to ask the teacher they have a stash of these that they don't advertise.