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Freakin' teenaged girls

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SDstb16 has pulled another one.

BM is nowhere near vigilant enough with her. SDstb16 was busted over Thanksgiving for sleeping with a 19yo (she says) or 20yo (I think) dirtbag. SDstb16 grabbed her mother's iPod Touch (wtf, BM, keep control of your toys) and was messaging said dirtbag. Now she has changed the password on the device and won't tell anybody, not even DH. We think she's holding out so BM will have to do a full reboot in order to destroy the evidence of what she was talking about.

I strongly suspect SDstb16 is planning on running away or deliberately getting knocked up by this loser to tie herself to him. BM swore she was putting SDstb16 on Depo, but it's been two weeks, and nothing - I doubt BM will get off her lazy ass to do it. DH is going to push BM to ship SD's deviant little ass up to us for at least a semester so she CAN'T run away or get knocked up - BM is too fucking lazy to monitor the girl enough, and if she really wanted to, she would be able to do it.

Freakin' teenaged girls.

ETA: DH just called - SDstb16 started pushing the suicide threat buttons, so BM and her DH are having her committed and evaluated. They are also pissed enough that they are going to press charges on the loser - Carnal Knowledge of a Minor carries a 10-year jail sentence.


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Nothing will be done to the loser. A friend had a 18yo that had been kicked out of his house staying with them and the boy knocked up his 15yo. They consider 15 old enough to give mutual consent. SS18 was messing with a 15yo and they didn't do anything to him.

It may be a misdemeaner but with all of the crime in this country, not too much will happen to him.

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Ah, but this is Louisiana - and given the age difference, no matter what his age, this is a felony. If they can hack the iPod or get Apple to unlock it (if that's possible) that may provide the evidence to convict the slimy turd.

I'm so pissed at the girl, but she is SO STUBBORN. BM even beat her (and admitted as much to DH) aaaaand, nothing.

Depending on how long the hospital keeps her (BM will be pushing for a bipolar diagnosis, I'm betting)there goes Christmas visitation. Grrrr.

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I once told my daughter when she pulled out the EMO suicide threat stuff "Fine, do it again and I will have you locked up with some REALLY scary people for 72 hrs. That is 3 days. You will be interviewed, analysed, tested and supervised for 3 freaking days. My home will be your Nirvana compared to THAT place. No privacy. You can't pee without supervision. And you certainly will not be sleeping in until 10am."

She straightened up pretty fast when she saw I meant business.

I hop;e they do prosecute the guy for sleeping with a 15 yr old. She should be forced to watch all episodes of 16 and Pregnant. My daughter says it is the best form of birth control.