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What if we win the lottery???

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I have a silly question. If we won the lottery or came into a large sum of money, does CS figure that into support??? I know it's probably very unlikely that this will happen but it's nice to dream! haha. Just wondering...


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LOL we do the same thing. I buy tickets all the time but if we win it'll be MY money. That c&nt is not getting one dime of our lottery money.

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Yep! I've already told my parents should I win the lottery by some miracle I'm giving them the ticket. That way horse-face can't have any part of it.

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Most likely.

Had DH and I won while SDs were minors, we would have put it all in my name only.

If we were to win now that they are adults, we would not let them know. DH is okay with not giving them anything because he knows they would give it to the BMs.

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I already told DH that the ticket is going in my name as long as his kids are minors. No way in hell will I let BM have any of my lotto money!

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Reason #256 why I will be engaged for a loooooonnnnnnng time.

My son will be the only one to benefit if I win.

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We had that talk. We decided that any winnings would be put into my name and we would get a quickie divorce just in case.

Never happened but it is good to be prepared. Now where is my zombie apocalypse kit....?

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Just to be sure (and it should be done regardless of step situation), when any of us win the lottery, first call should be to a lawyer, second to a financial advisor.