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Skid goes to jesus camp

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Prior to skid’s arrival for summer visitation, DH tried to get me all jazzed-up and on-board with skid’s summer itinerary. It was going to be camp, camp, and more camp. Since I’m disengaged, I didn’t press for details. Because, well, I kind of expected it to play out like it has. 

A few days ago, Skid finished up her one and only week of day camp. And since DH couldn’t be bothered to enroll skid into camp(s) where she’d actually learn or experience something of worth, this is what skid got...

A week’s worth of day camp at an ultra conservative southern baptist church led by a self-appointed youth “pastor,” who’s a hardcore right wing certified NRA firearms trainer and all around cool alpha male who likes people to address him as “Dr. _____” (duder doesn’t have a doctorate or a Ph.D.) and from the looks of his Facebook account REALLY enjoys mixing politics with religion. 

This church is easily a 45 mile drive - one way, to convey just how into this my in-laws are. I cringe at the thought of pill-popping Bad Grandpa driving those windy backroads, taking skid to and from day camp. 

Now, Bad Grandpa is on social media bragging “Our granddaughter, the daughter of (my DH’s name), 12 and a rising eighth grader, who hails from (her city,state), was BLESSED to be able to attend camp with this group last week.” Insert all the share and tags. 

Poor child. No CPR training (for future babysitting), art camp, wilderness camp, or tween internship at the local museum or nature center for you. No, you get southern baptist jesus camp, because that’s all your hypocrite grandparents can wrap their simple pious minds around. 



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You’re correct. 

My DH is the epitome of that ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink' quote.

I threw out ideas, when it came to summer camp options. What DH did with those ideas was on him, and what he chose to do was nothing, because it’s much easier for him to keep on allowing his parents to run the show. 

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As long as you don't have to deal with them because DH dropped the ball, it's all good.

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about anything  skid related. If people are idiots then they’ll blame stepmum or stepdad for it but if they’re smart they’ll see only bio parents are responsible for their failures of kids

i disengaged full almost a year ago, anytime hubby mentions oh ss got 3B’s at university i don’t comment or even mmmm/ohhhh. There is no response from me. All i care about is if he will stop being such an asshole and actually show some respect to us and his family instead of laughing and bragging how he doesn’t give a shit

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While I am 100% disengaged from skid, I *do* like to be semi-aware of what my in-laws do or are up to, considering they’re also my children’s grandparents, (unfortunately).

That said, I will never not mock or enjoy the comedic fodder.